terça-feira, 18 de março de 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 2)

So going for the second pack!

As you see in the top images I got an other common (thanks Fuji!) SQ Special Delivery card.

Mike Cameron is the 'chosen one' this time.

The back states his good HRs numbers and he sure did it when he hit 4 homers in a game in 2002.

Next is time for a couple of base cards.

It's cool to see Kink playing for the Royals. That's not for all people!

And if it wasn't enough if this detail making this card a keep the photo on the back has King sliding to the base making some dust!

Would it have been back in the '70s or '80s and we couldn't see his face with the dust cloud. But I take it like that.

It seems I get lots of Red Sox...

But if Aaron Sele was one of the Rookie cards I got in '96 CC this time around he's a solid pitcher and with a great card back photo bunting!

It not only means he's at the pate but it is a game against some NL team. Great card!

(It's in cards like this one that I forget all about teams and only care about baseball...the game.)

Now on Cover Glory mister Mark McGwire.

And he's already winning against Ken Griffey Jr. because McGwire got two pictures in the card.

And there's an A's McGwire and a Cardinals McGwire.

And as you can see I haven't shown the back of these cards yet. It's because like the insert set name...only the cover is important.

And reaching the end of the pack here's two more base cards.

Like in the rookie cards that state the debut there are cards that state the Final Tribute.

That's quite the nice touch!

Tettleton was an average player for what I read in wiki but had his share of awards.

And I must say that the '98 design looks awesomely better in horizontal cards!

And to really end the pack there was no card but one of the stickers promised in the pack odds!

And oh well...I start with Griffey Jr. Sweet an!?

Even if he looks like a giant in that field.

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  1. I really like that Griffey sticker. I remember pulling a few from packs of Collector's Choice when I was younger.

    1. The odds say it's 1:3 to find this stickers so I got 1 in 3 packs I opened. That's a match!