terça-feira, 25 de março de 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 4)

An other pack and an other post.

I'll try to have more packs in the same post but work is killing me and at least this way I've been managing to at least have a post every-other-day.

The top picture and, as usual, the first card of the pack is an other common SQ.

This time around is Rangers Juan Gonzalez.

And you can put red in this card!

I've noticed that, at least, the Super Powers SQ cards are shining cards against these Special Delivery SQ cards. I don't know about the others but hope to discover by getting one of them at least in the next packs.

Now base cards.

Ordoñez trying to shadow the sun and see the ball is a great photo. Usually it would be better if he has sunglasses..

Hollins has a dusty photo on the back so I'm happy to get an other one to my binder collection.

On to two more base cards.

Two pitchers but Morris had me to double check the card.

And what a great card!

A CC (Collector's Choice?) All Rookie and with a front photo of him hitting!?

Not butting people!


To 3B it seems.

And here I get my first silver parallel card!

As usually they are simply beautiful.

And Johnson mask photo on the back is a great +1 point.

To end the pack I get two more Rookie Class cards.

The cap on Reyes look a but photoshoped but that's ok.

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