quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

LEGO minifigures - Series LEGO Movie

Yep. I got 4 more LEGO packs.

I go them cheaper than the previous two so that's why.

And I think now I won't buy more.


As I said in previous post, I wanted the Panda and the Bad Cop.

By the first picture you can see I got the Panda!

“I only build in black…and white…and bamboo.”

Look at the detail of the zipper on the back of the Panda Guy!

It's sad that the face is covered with the panda mask because, as you can see in the top picture he's =P at you.

And next I got the Bad Cop "There's still a Good Cop in me somewhere…"

Of course I choose the dark side cop!

I like his smartphone.

And by now I can shut down and relax. Lets see what I got else...

Velma Staplebot “Would you like to make an appointment, or shall I summon the Micromanagers?”

Is she a robot?

The best I like about her is the hair. How splendid is that hair!?

And the last but no the least I present...

Gail the Construction Worker “Wait, I’m confused. Who are we talking about?”

Since I haven't seen the LEGO Movie yet I'm failing to understand the characters...but still they look good and are fun to collect.

But to be honest...There were better LEGO minifigures series already.

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