Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stop everything! I got a scanner!

I just need to get it working.

It's 90% done so I hope to start scanning cards sooner as possible instead of having to take a photo of them.

Santa came earlier this year.


  1. Hey, I just bought that same printer! It's kind of a pain. I would suggest getting a USB cord for it (plugs in at the back of the left side) because the wireless seems to have problems sometimes. But maybe it's just my network.

    1. Ohh I didn't have a problem so far.
      I set up the wifi without problems and just printed directly from smartphone with no problems. The same by adding the printer over wifi to laptop and printing with no problems.
      Of course it helps if you are near the net modem, both printer and PC ;)
      I just have exactly to test the USB cable and the scanning to PC thing.
      Check your network signal strenght. Some protocols are weaker then others.