Monday, 1 December 2014

Trades are like Christmas

I was contacted last month by Edgar and he told me he was willing to send me some cards from my Zistle list.

I confess that I'm so far back from updating it that I don't know what to do about it.

But since I don't buy cards so often my want list there might be up to date non the same.

Soooooooo last week I got this pretty big pack from Edgar and it pretty made my Christmas before December.

He spoiled me with the complete Astros set from 2011.

Not only I get the complete team but also some mini-collections which is like 2 in 1.

And then I got ultra spoiled with so much Yankees that I'm still recovering!

Willie Randolph seems to be playing basketball. Doing that trick by passing the ball under the legs.

There are some 'intruders' like the Daisuke Matsuzaka Rookie RC SP in Japanese and my cute Paul Molitor.

And some colour parallel to make this even a greater pack.

Hunter! Hunter! Hunter!

I simply miss Posada. He was fun to watch, especially for batting without gloves.

I also miss A.J and Swisher.

More cards for mini collections like the Dust Is In the Air and Front Row. +1 because Edgar also sent me the chrome versions of both.

And if one Molitor wasn't enough here's the 2011 SP.

I simply love this year base set. This and 2009.

Now back to more Yankees.

More vintage ones but I put Derek Jeter too because is now a vintage one.

I like this set a lot. I like the simple design from back then and the cap with the team's name and player position is sooooooo baseball. That alone makes the set for me.

And since I don't mind having other teams cards and players I enjoy the 'shared-cards' for league leaders.

The current league leaders cards are boring. These were just a completely different feeling.

And if baseball wasn't enough Edgar also sent my way some Penguins cards!

Look! I got my second Mario Lemieux card ever!

And I probably might get more when I open these packs.

Completely spoiled I assure you!

I just haven't opened the packs already because I'm keeping them to open only on Christmas evening. To feel like a true Christmas present!

And to complete the "spoilment" (just made that up) Edgar sent a note wrote in Portuguese.

Português perfeito ;)

I'm preparing a pack too to send to Edgar. Hope you enjoy the cards as much I enjoyed the ones you sent my way.

And thanks once more for the great Christmas before December.


  1. Sounds like a great group of cards! I really like the look of that Molitor SP.

  2. Good stuff :) next time I'll try to get a better assortment of teams for you