Friday, 19 December 2014

I love bugs

I mean those that appears in software.

I usually don't like them if they appear in software that I make and I have to lose my head to find the way to solve them. But if they are like the following ones I simply smile and print screen it!

I love videogames!

Especially RPGs (Role Playing Games).

I got this Risen in a budget promotion and it's quite fun to play.

But like all games there are some little problems that happen. If they don't interfere with the gameplay it's ok.

The above picture didn't interfere and I think it was just a problem with the camera.

But it's fun because my avatar looks like a giant (on the left) against the NPC (on the right).

The eyes are looking to where...?

An other example is this one.

I'm flying!!!!!!

This interfere with my gameplay because evertime I went that way of the map I fell down and this happened. I was flying between the graphics!

Jesus Christ came to my mind...

All in all is a good game ;)


  1. Lol... I hate bugs. Whether they're real bugs or video game bugs... both disgust me. But my buddies don't call me grumpy panda for nothing.

    1. I agree with you in what concerns real bugs! The others are easier to live with ;)

  2. The only video game bugs I like are the ones that can be exploited to cause more damage. :)

    1. Exploit an? You belong to the dark side =P