Monday, 22 December 2014

'87 Diamond Kings

I've started a binder just for my Diamond Kings cards.

I confess that at first I looked at these insert cards with not that good appreciation. But thank goodness we sometimes get to some cards and start seeing them in a complete new light!

I like black borders and in '87 Donruss did a fair good job with it. And the DK cards are looking great! Even more than the base cards.

I know that they are not that centered (Just look at the Joyner one...) but wax era is that. And much more!

Other think that made me start liking these cards is the card back with so much trivia! I'm more into trivia info than stats.


  1. Check out the puzzle from that set too…very nice.

    1. I think I have a few pieces. But the one I wanted to finish was the Harmon Killebrew puzzle. It was because of that puzzle that I've notices Harmon.

  2. I've considered collecting all of the Diamond Kings subsets and putting them into a binder myself (well... at least the 1982 to 1991 DK's). A few weeks ago, I discovered that one of my YT friends is doing the same:

    I guess great minds think alike!