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50 Cities of the World #9 Berlin

 Today we travel to a city that is the center of so much history in Europe.

We arrive in Berlin.

There is much to say about Germany and Berlin but History Channel, NatGeo and others have done a terrific job with all the documentaries.

They wanted all and in the end they always ended up with destruction and dead.

This is what you get of your city when you go after a mad man and let him and his minions devastate all Europe.

Berlin was not the only city to get this treatment. But it was the final round.

My grandparents lived the end of WWI and during the WWII.

There were Portuguese troops sent to fight against the German Empire in WWI but in WWII we kept neutral (because we lived in a dictatorship we sold services to both sides...).

But thankfully the war never came too nearly.

I've always learned how Berlin was one of the greatest cities in Europe.

But since I lived the final moments of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall I saw a tumultuous city struggling to get to its feet and be great again.

They are no Empire (but they keep trying...) but Berlin is for sure one of the most important cities in Europe.

Because I lived during the Berlin Wall that's why it is the first thought that comes to my mind whenever I think of the city.

It might have lots of museums and universities but I always picture the Wall.

What a mess mankind can make.

More Berlin info in its wiki page.

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