quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015

2012 Panini Cooperstown - lets visit the HoF 3

Hello look who's back!

And keeping with the traveling trend lets get back to Cooperstown for an other walk.

I recognize both top and bottom on the left: Larkin and Carter.

I must say that thanks to catchers wearing the helmets that way is quite easy to get a good photo of them in these cards. Love seeing them wearing the catchers gear...

They say it's all about the uniform.

Ron Santo I also know from seeing some of his cards on some blogs. But I confess that the rest are truly from the Museum to me.

I apologize for the not great scanning pictures, but still learning how to deal with the scanner and only now I found that the scanning program in windows 8 scans fast but with the lowest resolution possible...buhhh Not using that next time but the proper scanner scanning program to do it properly.

There is this time traveling from the card's front to the card's back because some players are younger in one side and quite old on the other.

Not telling that some look great in one side and the other side is...better not saying.

But I appreciate King Kelly's mustache evolution.

And look at Ed Delahanty. On the front he looks like a family boy and on the back he looks like some outlaw! How cool is that!

And finally Hugh Duffy seems like a maestro commanding his orchestra but with a but.

Enjoying these cards more and more each passing days.

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