Friday, 9 January 2015

50 Cities of the World #11 Cologne

Lets pack and travel today to Cologne.

Cologne is one of the largest German cities and you don't have to wonder why that much: it stands right in the Rhine river.

It's common to mankind to settle near rivers and seas. It helps the economy and creating lots of jobs.

And I can say, because I live by the Tejo river, there is no better place to live than by some water. It brings you peace and it's fun to watch thunderstorms passing over the river.

But back to Cologne!

The card back states that Cologne is well known for its Cathedral. And this is probably the most fun trivia in the back, because it states the cost of it!


That's a lot! Even for today standards (even if it wouldn't pay a Cathedral). But I bet it was like too-bloody-a-lot for the time!

The Cathedral was the 'grandest specimen of Gothic architecture in Europe' by the time the original card was issued.

And I must say this is totally true! Because if you look to photos from WWII you'll see that the Cathedral was the 'last man' standing.

It's bloody incredible!

The entire city had to be re-built. Like so many others...

If you want more info about the city here's the Cologne wiki page.

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