Tuesday, 13 January 2015

50 Cities of the World #12 St. Petersburgh

Traveling today to Saint Petersburgh. Can you feel the love for words that are no longer written in that old fashion?

It was Petrograd then Leningrad and finally  St. Petersburg.

You can almost feel the wet and cold just by looking at the card.

St. Petersburg is probably the most occidental Russian city. It is located near Finland. But none the same it is a Russian city.

As the card back states is located near Neva river (transporting lots and lots of pure water!).

The river's name is quite fun and appropriate if you spoke Portuguese. You see, 'neva' in Portuguese is 'snowing/snows'. 'Neva tanto nesta cidade' - 'It snows so much in this town'.

And yep. It is freezing cold in St. Petersburg! (just check it at http://www.accuweather.com/)

In the card back it also mentions the numerous scientific societies in the city. Which I imagine as being grand like any building in Russia.

What I know best about St. Petersburg is Zenit, one of the football clubs. They did defeat my Benfica this year in the European Champs so I don't like them that much...

Ohhhhhhh well! If you want to get a bit cold and see magnificent buildings just visit old St. Peter wiki page to know a bit more.


  1. Interesting that the 'h' ends the name on the front but not the reverse. No 'h' is correct I think.

    And it's the home of Oxana Fedorova..... wowza!!

    1. Yep, no H is the correct one. The same happens in the Strasbourg card. There is some fetish for H by who drew the card.

      I had to search for Oxana Fedorova on google...boys!