domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2015

Great 2015!

This time of the year is well known of being the time of family. So I took my time this Holidays and dedicated my time mostly to my family and some family projects.

So that's why I've been a bit away from blogging.

But after this pause I'll be back as usual. I'll come back to my work tomorrow and to my normal blogging.

Hope you all have enjoied the Christmas and New Year season and that you all are ready to start a fresh new 2015.

I know I'll have lots to read on your great blogs and will have some more to write on this blog and my new videogames blog too.

It's a new year but always remember...

Tongue is LOVE!

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    1. Thanks! And all the best for you in this new year!
      Btw..that's spanish not portuguese. It would be more like 'Feliz Ano Novo' ;)