Monday, 5 January 2015

50 Cities of the World #10 Strasbourgh

We are traveling today to  Strasbourg which was written ending with an H by the time the card was original made.

I always get confused if the city belongs to German or France. Blame the wars...

Nowadays it belongs to France. The Alsace region belongs now to France but we never know...Mankind can be confused at times. Blame again the wars...

The card back shows how old the original card is because it states the city is the 'capital of German imperial territory of Alsace Lorraine."

It sure is one of the most strategic points even today.

Strasbourg is like the 'navel' of that territory. All goes around them.

But if you look for some Strasbourg photos on Google you'll see how beautiful it is!

I have found a picture of the famous Cathedral that is pictured in the card.

I bet the surroundings might have changed. Or they might have kept the look-and-feel of historical buildings.

For us, Europeans, Strasbourg is better known for being the "official seat of the European Parliament". But they have other European institutions there. Like I said before...The city is like Europe navel.

For more info visit the city wiki page.


  1. I love this series of posts! I'd love to get my hands on that set of cards as well!

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