Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Some Christmas Hockey

Honouring the psot I made for Christmas I opened the 3 Topps 1990 hockey packs Edgar so kindly sent me.

So here are the results!

I must say that, thank goodness, he sent me all those Penguins cards because in non of the 3 packs I got a single Pen!

Now going to what I got.

Got lots of Oilers and Kings.

And also lot of red teams: Red Wings, Canadiens, Flames, Capitals, Devils...

My favourite card has to be this team card of St. Louis Blues! Shame I can't distinguish many faces but that's ok.

The Top Prospect Stephane Fiset is one great example of  the horrible hair cut we could find at the '80's/'90s.

Is just me or Tom Kurvers looks like Paul Molitor!?

I think I'm seeing Molitors everywhere!

So now these are the oldest hockey cards I possess. Which is quite cool because I get to have cards of teams that don't exist anymore.

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