segunda-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Quick post.

I was expecting to get the A&G box past Friday but I'm having some issues with my karma...that or Santa thought I wasn't a good girl and made the mail go for a bigger round.

So I will not have any pack to open on Christmas Eve.

But I do still have the last cards I bought inside the packs. I might go and make it soud like I'm oppening new packs and discovering all new cards.

I just hope the mail won't get lost in so much rain.

Here we don't have snow, but you bet we do have rain!

So I'm picturing to open the A&G box by new year. That would make it like a New Years gift.

Not bad thou.

I'm trully worried about the gap between the end of NFL season and the start of the new MLB season.

Those months were dedicated to NHL.

Hope the new year bring some light to all those involved in this madness.

Now, for you lot, I wish a Happy Christmas and a great 2013 with all good coming your way.

Collect and be happy.

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