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Fleer Ultra 1991 - pack 5 and 6

Here I am again showing more '91 Fleer Ultra packs.

I'm adding this collection to Zistle and I noticed I have yet to post all the packs I got.

Here are more 2 of them.

The Oakland A's sticker to start. I like the A's logo just because it's the first letter of my name.

#106 Carlos Baerga IF@CLE - This is one of the error cards in the set. On the card back it says the card is #103 but is in fact #106. The real #103 card is Chris Sabo card.

The correct #103 card featuring the Specs Man
#71 Mitch Williams P@CHC - I always like to have cards picturing the famous Cubs leaves wall.

#24 Cal Ripken Jr. SS@BAL - What else to say when getting a Mister Ripken Jr. card? Yes, thank you very much *bows*. And in this one he's fielding! It's refreshing from all the batting photos.

#48 Wally Joyner 1B@CA - And there is Pete Incaviglia going to be out.

#167 Jose Offerman SS@LAD - Best known for this in more recent times. And in this photo we don't know if he wasn't thinking in doing the same to the photographer...

#27 Wade Boggs 3B@BOS - I love that look in a batters eyes. Like they are pushing the ball over the fence.

#98 Hal Morris 1B@CIN - An other example of the pushing-the-ball look. But this time I think Morris is just pushing the ball over the infielders head.

#129 Alan Trammell SS@DET

#75 Greg Hibbard P@CWS

#114 Chris James OF@CLE - One more of those error cards. This time is the real #114 but states in the back the #111 which is the John Farrel card.

The real #111 card featuring the Stretch Guy
#178 Paul Molitor 1B@MIL - Weeeeeee love Molitor! Will be doing a Woman Perspective post soon...

#31 Roger Clemens P@BOS

#149 Bo Jackson OF@KC - Look at that arm!? You can almost count the muscles!

#51 Lance Parrish C@CA - STOP EVERYTHING! There is dust in the air people!

After this last card this pack can be marked as great!

Now onto the second pack.

Cleveland sticker. That's a smile!

#105 Sandy Alomar Jr. C@CLE - And the first card is an Indian. I think Junior will always be the Roberto Alomar brother. But worse than that is being bench coach under Terry Francona.

#65 Derrick May OF@CHC - Great shot! The bat is perfectly in vertical!

#26 Craig Worthington 3B@BAL

#46 Donnie Hill IF@CA

#163 Jay Howell P@LAD - Just because he once was a Yankee. And I like the photo.

#33 Greg Harris P@BOS - Yankee after being with the Red Sox. This always make me grit my teeth.

#91 Eric Davis OF@CIN - I'm torn between counting this to my dust-is-in-the-air collection or not...What do you think? Does this qualify?

#120 Dave Bergman 1B@DET - A Yankee rookie.

#86 Robin Ventura 3B@CWS - Swinging all the way! A future Yankee.

#109 Tom Candiotti P@CLE

#38 Phil Plantier OF@BOS

#143 Kevin Appier P@KC - Started his MLB career with the Royals and ended with the Royals. Appier ranks #69 in the 100 MLB Ks list with 1'994 career Ks.

#47 Jack Howell 3B@CA - One more swing-all-the-way photo. I think I already said I'm thinking in starting this collection too.

Since I have yet to decide if I add the Eric Davis card to the dusty collection or not, I think I liked the first pack better than the second one. And the first also had the Paul Molitor card.

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