sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2012

Christmas present

I know Christmas Eve is only on Monday but I was expecting to get my Christmas present this week.

I order a value box of 2011 Allen & Ginter's.

I opened a couple of packs from one of those repack boxes and got pretty excited about the set.

And the insert sets.

Those with nothing to do with baseball.

I have the info in may eBay that it was shipped from France on Monday.

It should be here by now...

It's karma. Isn't it?

I know it's Christmas time and all the services tend to hibernate.

But please!!!!!!!!!

I was not planning to open the box this week!

I was planning to open it only on Christmas!

So pretty puesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Santa make my A&G box arrive today.

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