segunda-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2012

Updating collection

I'm back to Zistle to update my collections.

I'm looking through my collection and seeing what I have yet to list. I found I had cards I forgot. That's normal.

When I open a pack I usually take photos of it and the cards I get and upload them do Google Drive. That's my archive for photos prior to writing a post about those cards.

After that the packs will be probably remain in my desk at office waiting to bring them home.

I keep them in my drawer so no one but me will access them. Yep, they are locked.

When I get some space in my bag I bring them home and the next step or processing them will take place.

I usually keep my cards in individual sleeves. I have this habit since I collect Magic cards.

So the next step is slipping the cards into some sleeves and the into Deck Boxes.

After this many days may go by before I look at them again. After having them secure I like to 'forget' them and when I see them again to list them is like opening the packs again.

So when I finally get to list them I get my cards notebook. In this notebook I only take note of cards and some blog notes of what to post about.

It's pages and pages with cards info.

After that I will probably take the notebook with ne in my bag for a few days to work and take some time off at my lunch hour to copy from the notebook to word.

That file is precious!

I keep the file in Google Drive too so I can access my list everywhere I go.

At this point I'm almost finish with processing the cards.

I'm missing 2 points.

After having the cards listed in the word file I go search around eBay how much people are selling the cards. Then I add that info to my word file.

I know the eBay prices are sometimes the price is high other times is low from what grading companies say it's the book value of the card.

It's just to have an idea of how some people can go crazy about a card!

And finally, the last step is adding the cards to my Zistle account.

And I take care fo my Zistle cards and that's why every card I add to my collection or even to their library I try to add photos of front and back of the card to all of those which don't have. That and some extra info that it lacks.

If everyone of us do that we might get all sets with all the info need.

So, after all this I'll show you 3 value boxes I got in the last past months.

Here's the first box. 16 random packs but you can see some of them. I was truly interested in the Upper Deck X pack over there.

The second box. Again I saw the Upper Deck X pack and decided to go for it. The bonus was that this time around for the same amount of cash I got 20 random packs.

The third and final box I got caught my attention for having again 20 random packs and because I saw that 2011 Topps Heritage pack.

I have here plenty of packs to post about.

Stay tuned.

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