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Paul Molitor - Woman Perspective Post (Vintage Edition)

I said and I'm here to carry out my Woman Perspective post about Paul Molitor.

This is also my first vintage edition of WP post because is about a player no longer playing.

I searched my list of cards and I found only two Paul Molitor cards.


But since one of the cards have not 1, not 2 but 4 pictures of Paul(!) I'm happy.

But before I show that card, I'll show the first Paul Molitor card I got ever.

2012 Topps GS-3

Not that spectacular or anything else.

And it's a photo from he's last years as a player and he's not even looking at me...

I confess I didn't pay much attention to him by looking at this card.

Not in the way to make a WP post. But I did notice he is a HOFer with merit.

But then all this was surpassed by this next card.

1991 Fleer Ultra #178

Oh my dear...

He is ready to eat that Fleer Ultra logo!

And talk about tight trousers...

And he has something that the majority of sport players don't have: hair.

Look at those hairy arms!

If he gets to DL and needs a massage it wouldn't be easy with all that hair.

But if it wasn't enough I turned the card and...


I even put the image bigger so you can see it better.

He's sticking out he's tongue to me!

Yep Paul. You got me there.

If Paul wanted he could be a NHL player. Those have some fetish with sticking out tongues. Or the people who takes their photos to put on cards.

The other 2 smaller photos show me he looks athletic.

And I must confess...He reminds me of an old love I had back in college.

I wish I could have this card of him:

2005 Topps Rookie Cup #40 (don't care about the colour)

Or this one...

2009 Topps Tribute #48
Or even this...

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out #CMT86
But specially this:

If I could get this card, the '81 Topps Paul Molitor card, my Christmas would be perfect!

And to end this post, just one more photo.

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