terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012


We all are familiar with error cards, misprints that got pretty good attention from collectors. And they even get to value a lot.

I can live with errors like those from this year Topps Series 1 cards with all the 2B/3B and other errors.

But I cannot understand why Topps change some sets attributes from Series 1 to Series 2.

I got some packs from those repack boxes. I posted about having 3 a few posts ago.

In one of those boxes I got a pack of 2010 Topps Series 1 and other for Series 2.

In both packs I got 1 card of the "The Cards Your Mother Threw Out" insert set.

I like the set a lot. Since it's they way of getting to know many vintage cards that are hard for me to get to my collection.

I even like the trivia on the back about the original card.

Since the majority of cards from 2010 Topps sets I have are from the Update Series set I never paid much attention to this.

Look at the back of this CMT card from Series 1:

You have the card number as 'CMT-18'.

You have the info about the original card: # and year.

Now look at this Series 2 card back:

This card ID is now 'CMT104'. Where did the '-' go? Do Topps have something against the hyphen?

Then you have the original card info: year. Where did the original card # go? Do Topps lost their records?

The Update Series cards are just like the Series 2:

Why did Topps change this?

Was there a hidden motive for that?

Was because the parallel cards of this set with the card back reprint would give the original card # info?

I just know I like the Series 1 card back with the original card info consisting in both original card # and set year.

I like consistent things.

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  1. I'm thinking they ran out of space when they got to the higher card numbers.

  2. Well, about the hyphen I can see that too. You might be right on that.

    But the original card # I think would be around 3 digits for all cards pictured in the CMT set.

    I have more errors like this one I'll be featuring in future posts.