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1991 Fleer Ultra - packs 7 and 8

I got exhausted after last post which probably had the most views I got ever in this blog.

Maybe people got here by mistake when searching for Paul Molitor cards and ups...ended up here.

But to get a rest today's post is about more '91 Fleer Ultra packs.

I must say that I'm beginning to like this set more and more.

Perhaps is because of all the dusty photos.

Nowadays the dust used is quite still. There is no longer those dusty clouds like we use to see in the '90s.

I want the dust back!

Oh well...on to the packs.

First, only now I noticed the packs had different pictures. Here is one representing the pitcher and other the at-bat.

I've thrown the other packs to the bin I think but these ones I kept.

The Blue Jays sticker I didn't have so that's cool.

#304 Greg W. Harris P@SD - One pitcher...

#338 Brian Holman P@SEA - Two pitchers...

#316 Jeff Brantley P@SF - Three pitchers...

#278 Carlos Garcia IF@PIT - Ahhhhhh and infield!

#328 Andres Santana IF@SF - Love bunt photos. They should be presented in cards more often. Here Santana practicing in the only year he played in the MLB.

#115 Doug Jones P@CLE - Ranks #21 in the 300 saves list with 303 saves.

#217 John Franco P@NYM - All I have to say about Franco is this (thanks to wiki):
  • Pitching record: 90-87
  • Saves: 424, 4th most in major league history behind Trevor Hoffman, Mariano Rivera and Lee Smith and the most for any left-handed pitcher.
  • Strikeouts: 975
  • ERA: 2.89
  • Innings pitched: 1245⅔
  • Games pitched: 1119
  • 4-time All-Star (1986, 1987, 1989, 1990)
  • 3-time NL Save Leader (1988, 1990, 1993)
  • Postseason record: 2-0, one save, 1.88 ERA in 15 postseason appearances

The first pack half was all for pitchers with 5 pitchers against 2 infielders.
But the last two pitchers got me pretty happy.

#271 Randy Ready IF@PHI - The name it's funny.And I think it was a pop up.

#243 Todd Burns P@OAK

#314 Dave Anderson IF@SF

#190 Gene Larkin IF@MIN - Add to swing-all-the-way collection. And he would win WS this year with the Twins. So pretty nice card!

#56 Damon Berryhill C@CHC - Catchers photos are always good to have.

#374 Steve Carter OF@PIT RC (Prospects) - One of those prospects that were never more than that.

#353 Kenny Rogers P@TEX - He would be with Yankees for two years so that's ok.

The best of the second half of the pack was getting a catchers card.

Now on to the second pack.

The Royals sticker. An other one I didn't have.

#17 Chris Hoiles C@BAL - Already had this card. But nice photo where we can see the ball almost touching the bat.

#24 Cal Ripken Jr. SS@BAL - Already had this card too...don't tell me this pack is all full with duplicates!? But nice to see you again Mister Ripken Jr.

#27 Wade Boggs 3B@BOS - Wow...I'm afraid I'm right...

#31 Roger Clemens P@BOS - 4 duplicates until now. All great players thou.

#48 Wally Joyner 1B@CA - Can I count this as an Incaviglia card since is an other duplicate?

#51 Lance Parrish C@CA - I only forgive this duplicate card because it's more dust in the air.

#75 Greg Hibbard P@CWS - And a duplicate! Who would tell!

First half of the pack and only got duplicates...Lets see if the second half is better.

#98 Hal Morris 1B@CIN - And we start this second half with an other dup! Feel the trend.

#114 Chris James OF@CLE - A dup of those UER cards.

#129 Alan Trammell SS@DET - Dup.

#149 Bo Jackson OF@KC - Dup again.

#167 Jose Offerman SS@LAD - Can you guess it? Yes! Dup!

#178 Paul Molitor 1B@MIL - Ok now STOP! I can have all Paul Molitor dups you can throw at me!

#259 Pat Combs P@PHI - Duuuuuuuuup.

Yep. This pack was a shame with all cards being duplicates. Well at least the sticker was good.

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