segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012

Late bluckbuster doens't count

I got this card the other day from some 2012 Topps Update Series. (I'll show the rest of the packs results in future posts.)


I don't like Beckett.

I don't like the way he plays the game.

So getting this card, the only Blockbusters insert card from the pack, was a quite blahhhhhhh.


After the first blahhhhhhh impact I had an other.

The Update Series is for the collectors to get the first cards of traded and new signing players.

Beckett was part of the famous trade between Red Sox and Dodgers.

Beckett should be on the set as a Dodger.

Oh, wait...

US3 Josh Beckett - Los Angeles Dodgers
There is a SP card picturing a (photoshopped ?) Beckett as a Dodger.

If the set purpose were present past famous trades and signings, I'm ok with it.

But after the trade from Red Sox to the Dodgers I feel a bit disappointed that the incarnation of the Beckett card is the trade to Boston and not to Los Angels.

Perhaps the best time to sell the Update Series should be around the playoffs.

It would be more accurate for the end of the past season and yet keeping save from all the offseason madness.


I don't trade cards unless I have dups. But this time I open an exception.

If you need this card say. I'll trade for any other from the same insert set or other.

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