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1992 Leaf Series 2

Today I'm showing an other pack sent me as a bonus from the USA eBay seller I used to get cards from.

The Leaf Set Baseball 1992 Edition Series 2.

And that is me taking the picture.

On the back the pack states that "New for '92" we have a double set from the original but in gold!

This sounds strangely familiar...

But on with the cards and let see if I get the so told Gold cards.

#333 Bill Landrum P@MTL - Got two on the same pack. Is that lucky?
#338 Kevin Ward OF@SD - But in the house! I started a binder section for bunt cards.
#279 Tom Glavine P@ATL - Glavine is almost getting out of the frame. He seems to have rubber arms. Incredible!
#380 Walt Weiss SS@OAK - Time to get back to the base. Down! Down!
#386 Kevin Ritz P@DET - That round light in the upper right corner is the ball or something printed in the back wall? If it is the ball I get it why they have chopped off Ritz leg. Otherwise...
#389 Dave Hansen PH/3B@LAD - Not only Hansen is looking good but it is the only card I have that states a player position as Pinch Hitter. Awesome!
#394 Arthur Rhodes P@BAL - A second year Rhodes card! I confess I only know Rhodes because is one of the worst 'cardogenics' in all sets...
#392 Ken Griffey Jr. OF@SEA - Always good to get a Griffey Jr. card from the years he played. And there is the ball!

I will take the opportunity and show the back of the card in which we have the normal stats and a lot of trivia to read! Well, at least in those players cards with just a few years to show stats.

But what I like is the fact that we get a second photo on the back too!

I think it is one of the best things that I can get in a card. Is a card-back-photo.

Especially if it is different from the one on the front.

Again I have to say I love the silver frame used in those days.

#432 Todd Zeile 3B@STL - Awesome shoot! My favourite card in the pack by far!
#437 Bob Scanlan P@CHC - Cub logo!
#440 Brian Downing DH@TEX - Those players that use the cap under the helmet.
#460 Mike Fetters P@MIL

What I like in some sets is the specification of the pitchers laterality. We have RHP and LHP. But that is obvious in the photo. I'd prefer the role of the pitcher in the card. Stating if it is a starting pitcher or relief pitcher.

Look! The first gold card!

#BC-21 Gary DiSarcina SS@CA - Look! Dust!

This is a card for the Gold Rookies insert set.

What distinguish these cards from the base are the golden frame in the front...

And the golden back!

Of course it is stated in the card right on the top.

I searched on baseballcardpedia.com but there are no odds for cards from this insert set.

But for the next they are. And it seems they are seeded 1 in each pack.

So it was obvious that I would get one unless some insert error had occurred.

Here is what says in baseballcardpedia.com:

"Each pack of 1992 Leaf yielded a Black Gold. A novel concept for the time, the cards are similar to the regular issue Leaf cards, except that the card face is black rather than silver and accented by a gold foil inner border. Likewise, the horizontal backs have a gold rather than a silver background. The set is noteworthy as one of the earliest examples of a parallel in collecting."

Pretty awesome no!?

#357 Geno Petralli C@TEX - Petralli looks like he is ready to punch someone in the face right here right now! Even after all these years.

I've tried to understand who might be the person holding him. At first I thought it was a White Sox player or base coach. But then I looked at the helmet and it has a Canada flag and the other made me think of Israel don't know why.

If you know who that person might be tell me because I got pretty curious.

And Just like the rookie insert the back in gold. And also stating it is the Gold Edition. If someone didn't get it.

Those days the gold was just for the gold. Without any serial numbered craziness.

Really loved opening this pack. It could have get better if I've pulled some Yankee.

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