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2013 Topps - insert post

Since forever I'm used to the 'Insert Coin' in the video games universe.

Nowadays I'm quite used to the 'Insert Sets' Topps gives us.

But in the arcades many times we got no more coins to insert and play but sure Topps always get some different idea of putting inserts in the packs and play with us with 'catch me if you can' with so many sets to collect.

I'm organizing my 2013 Topps Series 1 cards.

And yep, I'm truly far away of getting them all.

I used to get all the Pokemons on the GameBoy video games but forget getting all the cards.

So I gathered all the inserts I got from the Series 1 packs I bought and here is the result.

The only Cut to the Chase card I got.

It's beautiful.

It's that simple.

Ken Griffey Jr. is always a good player to get in cards. Of course I'd prefer getting a Yankee or specially the Paul Molitor die-cut.

If I got the Paul Molitor card I'd be hyperventilating like there were no tomorrow!

How can you not be with this beauty!

(That was the girly girl comment of the post...I think!)

Now the minis. I know there are a minis tribe out there in the blogosphere. I like them. But I'm not that crazy about them. The minis. Not the tribe.

I got two active players mini cards and two retired players mini cards.

Posey it's quite ok in my perspective but getting Sale's mini was great!

Getting one player I collect seems quite difficult to me. It seems the Cards Gods are listening to my mind and when I decide to collect some player they start to send me packs without that player.

I'll stop thinking.

And just collect.

Clemente was quite the player but I'm not yet into his playing.

Ripken Jr. is running in his mini so it's a bonus getting a card of him without him batting.

The next 3 are Calling Cards.

I would not give a thing about this insert set.


And I only got pitchers.

Accordingly with BaseballCardPedia the Chasing History cards have the particularity of:

"NOTE: There are four different versions of each Chasing History insert, each specific to a particular pack-type.
  - Silver non-foil (Hobby packs)
 - Silver foil (retail packs)
 - Gold foil (Hanger boxes)
 - Holographic Foil (retail rack packs)"

All my packs were hobby. And I think I got the most common type of the cards.

I checked COMC and found 3 types of possible cards:

- Chasing History
- Chasing History Holofoil Gold
- Chasing History Holofoil

I got the first one. And if those seem to be the most common (and less valuable) and I got them in hobby packs I think you can see I'm right about what I said before:

Hobby packs is a bloody waist of money!

But after venting this I liked the cards. Specially the two Yankees.

Now the fantastic four in Chasing the Dream version.

Actually is not 4, because I got 2 Lawries.

I still keep my idea of the '80s style about this set. But I liked better the last year breakthrough players insert set.

Something good from the hobby packs: these two cards.

The Greats insert set is limited to hobby packs. And have parallels (oh really!?).

I got these two that I already showed when I showed the last packs I got.

They are a pretty think cardboard. The kind you see in relics' cards.

These group of cards and the following two are not quite inserts in the common sense of it. Some are parallels and others are base set cards.

But for me they count as inserts and are organized thinking that way.

First, the above picture has the gold parallels I got.

I like to highlight the Zack Cozart which is a great card. Do you think he did make it to the home plate? He seems to be on the verge of falling.

And of course the Alex Rodriguez Record Chase card. With 'help' or not. That is a record.

I've learned from reading these passing days that the OD set has sapphire parallels instead of these emerald ones.

I like sapphires better than emerald in jewelry and the same goes with the cards.

Altuve were one of the only two players I got from Houston. And those uniforms surrounded by emerald look...

To finalize the AL and NL league leaders.

In future posts I'll show my favourite cards from the base cards I got.

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