terça-feira, 12 de março de 2013

1993 Leaf Series 2

Today I'm showing two packs of the Godzilla Set!

I know night owl called it an other name but for me it is the Godzilla!

And I think everyone knows why.

The cards back shows a picture of the team's city and the player.

An example from the mentioned night owl.

I confess the first time I looked to the back of on of the cards I instantly hated it!

What bloody hell in the world was that!?

And the stats are difficult to read.

But like they say 'first you wonder then you entrench'.

It's not one of my favourite sets for sure. But I don't hate it like before.

I simply ignore the back. Because I don't have nothing against the front.

#264 Pat Listach SS@MIL - Rookie of the year for the previous year. If it was Topps this card would have the famous cup.
#273 Tony Fernandez SS@NYM - In'93 would play for the Blue Jays and would win the WS title.
#282 Greg Gagne SS@KC - Love the sun-glasses-field-play.
#291 Rickey Henderson OF@OAK - Mister Henderson ready to still?
#351 Willie Banks P@MIN
#368 Rich Rodriguez P@SD
#357 Greg Olson C@ATL - Screaming to make the ball reach the 2B faster?
#346 Roberto Hernandez P@CWS

#281 Daryl Boston OF@COL
#396 Willie McGee OF@SF - Bunt to the ground. Did McGee succeed on reaching safely the 1B?
#245 Roberto Alomar 2B@TOR - Breaking the bat and still picturing the ball!? Great photo!
#256 Bret Barberie 2B@FLA - This Florida uniform is too much blue. I firstly thought it was the Royals.
#267 Eric Davis OF@LAD
#278 Tom Henke P@TEX - Won the WS the previous year with the Blue Jays.

#437 Carlos Quintana 1B/OF@BOS
#336 Sean Berry 3B@MTL
#345 Rene Gonzales 3B@CA
#354 Erik Hanson P@SEA
#293 Doug Drabek P@HOU - Drabek always look like the grandfather of the rest of the team.
#314 Kirk Gibson OF/DH@DET
#303 John Cummings P@SEA
#292 Chuck Finley P@CA

#335 Ramon Martinez P@LAD
#355 David Hulse OF@TEX
#351 Willie Banks P@MIN - Getting only 2 packs and getting duplicates none the same is way no fun at all.
#350 John Jaha 1B@MIL
#339 Stan Belinda P@PIT
#438 Omar Olivares P@STL

As you may see I'm not that impressed by this set for the cards I got.

But perhaps in a few years I'd change my opinion.

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