domingo, 3 de março de 2013

1991 Fleer Ultra - final packs

And today I'm showing the final two packs of 1991 Fleer Ultra I got so long ago.

Giants sticker and as you'll see in the picture a bit below I got an other. It's like a giant brainwash! (I had to make the joke).

The 'Ultra Team' insert set make a final appearance with card No. 5 of 10 with the iconic Rickey Henderson. It's ok he is wearing the A's uniform. A great player is a great player no matter the colours he is wearing.

#13 Jeff Treadway 2B@ATL - The Fleer Ultra logo seems like a cartoon balloon.
#57 Mike Bielecki P@CHC
#93 Bill Doran 2B@CIN
#130 Lou Whitaker 2B@DET - A nice Whitaker card with him fielding instead of him batting.
#146 Jim Eisenreich OF@KC
#152 Brian McRae OF@KC - McRae in a warm up shoot.

#177 Tim McIntosh C@MIL - Does he has something to do with Apple computer?
#189 Kent Hrbek 1B@MIN - A WS winner in '91. I'm enjoying more and more getting Hrbek cards. He is a one team man which I tend to like.
#226 Mackey Sasser C@NYM - Is that dust Mister Sasser?
#265 Ken Howell P@PHI
#279 Neal Heaton P@PIT - Would end his career with Yankees.
#280 Jeff King 3B@PIT
#296 Ozzie Smith SS@STL - What a great Oz photo! That is flying for the ball!

Like I meantion before, here is the second Giants sticker. I really prefer the card sticker, with sticker(s) on one side and some trivia on the other instead of just getting these stickers.

#380 Eric Karros 1B@LAD (prospects) - Does this counts as a Karros RC? Even if it isn't the 'official' RC I like it and for me it is.
#67 Luis Salazar 3B@CHC
#88 Glenn Braggs OF@CIN
#110 Alex Cole OF@CLE - That is a close up! And with goggles! And I even count, at least, 2 bats!
#258 Wes Chamberlain OF@PHI
#162 Lenny Harris IF@LAD

#262 Len Dykstra OF@PHI
#>297 Milt Thompson OF@STL
#300 Shawn Abner OF@SD
#307 Craig Lefferts P@SD
#320 Scott Garrelts P@SF - Sunset card. '91 would be the last year in his career.
#324 Greg Litton IF@SF
#333 Henry Cotto OF@SEA

And here I end the trip through my '91 Fleer Ultra collection.

What did this set brought to me? A lot of Dust-is-in-the-air cards. Actually it was the lot of cards with dusty slides that made me organize a collection around this theme. Makeing me realize the '87 Topps card was the Prima Dona of it, just followed by a lot of '91 Ultra cards.

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