terça-feira, 19 de março de 2013

The mighty hoover from doom

I bought a bunch of '89 Topps packs the other day.

I like to get vintage when I get the chance.

Even when vintage means going back to the '80s maximum.

The problem with the packs from back then is the gum.

What was wrong with those guys at the time, thinking that putting a gum inside a wax pack with cards would be just great!?

At least for the guys in Topps. We have the Fleer example with stickers. That does not mess up with the cards. Even getting the packs after so many years.

Of course I opened the packs looking for the Paul Molitor cards. Astonishing I didn't get it...

But I got good cards with no duplicates. But it does not make up for once again not getting a Molitor card.

So, the other day I was organizing the cards and taking note of them in my mighty notebook when they all scattered on the floor.

I didn't get much worried because I already had put them all into sleeves and I didn't mind putting them back in order.

The thing is that I didn't see that one of the cards went under the couch until...

...the mighty hoover from doom was put into action a few days later!

Oh my!

But astonishing again the card didn't suffer a scratch or not even a single line of bending.

The Cards Gods were with me in that very moment!

I already had the Cards Gods against me when I, inadvertently, folded a Sam LeCure RC corner.

This time around I couldn't take one more strike like that!

So what was the the card?

I knew at the time that the Cards Gods were trying to compensate me.


Because it was an other Reds' player and an other Rookie Card!

Mister Armstrong actually won the WS title in the next year with Cincinnati.

So be all you lot very carefully with spilling your cards on the floor. There is always an hiding hoover somewhere ready to swallow your cards.

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