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Fantasy Baseball 2013

This year is no different from the others so I signed in once again in the mlb.com site to play some fantasy.

Last year I tried the new way of playing, where the players with more points count and then we don't have to care that much about chnaging the lineup to set the active players and the bench players.

This year I got that lazy too.

And I decided to get lazy too when selecting the players ranks.

I always lost a lot of time making the ranks to try and get the players I want and never get them. Except for the first year I played back in '09.

And so I let the ranks just like they were and for my surprise...I got the players I wanted. Well...some of them.

I don't know if it's mister Murphy pulling the strings or not but here is my fantasy players list. Number means the draft round.

1 Miguel Cabrera (3B, U, DET) 

2 Dustin Pedroia (2B, U, BOS) 

3 Adam Jones (OF, U, BAL) 

4 Ben Zobrist (2B, SS, OF, U, TB) 

5 Austin Jackson (OF, U, DET) 

6 Elvis Andrus (SS, U, TEX) 

7 Mark Teixeira (1B, U, NYY)

8 Torii Hunter (OF, U, DET) 

9 Ryan Doumit (C, OF, U, MIN) 

10 Oakland Athletics (P, OAK)

11 Brian McCann (C, U, ATL)

12 Cliff Pennington (2B, SS, U, ARI) 

13 Brett Gardner (OF, U, NYY) 

14 Starling Marte (OF, U, PIT) 

15 Ryan Howard (1B, U, PHI) 

16 Alberto Callaspo (3B, U, LAA)

From all of this I didn't know Ryan Doumit. I did some surch by his cards and they were pretty 'old'. I don't have any card of him.

Just like Pennington and Marte. I really had the impression I had at least a card of Pennington but maybe I'm making cunfusion about having Pennington in a past fantasy team.

Marte I cannot remember him too. So I'm pretty curious to see what this trio can do.

That's what is so good about playing fantasy. You get to know a lot of players whom may seem underdogs but turn out to be quite the players!

And of course it makes us look for their cards.

But for these players I didn't know or do not have cards I have all of the others.

The main highlight goes to Mark Teixeira.

Taking out Molitor is Teixeira to make the first place in my book.

The card I'm showing is the last I got to my collection. It was sent by one of my favourite eBay sellers as a bonus in my last purchase. It's a nice jersey relic. And I don't care if it is from a cleaning fabric. It still looks good.

The last time I had Texeira in my fantasy team he gave me a lot of points. So I'm counting that he will not get injured.

Then the obvious highlight too for the most recent triple-crown winner. I can see a lot of points comming from my 3B.

For 2B I have Pedroia and Zobrist. Zobrist is a hard-worker but usually doesn't get in the spotlight. Pedroia is what we all know. A image of the hard times Red Sox has been through. The best image I have of Pedroia is fielding. That's what a dirty uniform means.

Besides the uknown, to me, Doumit I got other catcher but one I know very well because it's one of my favourites. Mister McCann is probably the face of Atlanta after Jones has retired. His also pretty good with the bat so I'm hopping for some points.

Even if I got other 2 players that can play as SS I think Andrus is the best suited to play there. At least in my fantasy team. Here his rookie card from when we got great photos from Upper Deck.

Adam Jones did well last season in the playoffs so I'm counting on him. Austin Jackson I do not know that well. But Gardner I know! Hope, like with Teixeira, that he will play more and will keep injuries away. Gardner is great to get points from stolen bases and if bunts-get-to-first would count Gardner would give me even more points! He can hit and run pretty fast!

Torii Hunter is a fun player to watch but I don't think he can play at top level anymore. Let him show me I'm wrong.

The last 2 players, Callaspo and Howard I see as bench players. But let them play well and give me points if they may!

In fantasy we have to support some players that in real life we don't care.

To finalize I got for my pitching rotation the A's. I'm full of doubts. And probably I'll trade some field player to get an other pitching team.

But let come the season and see if I can get to the playoffs again!

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