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2008 Upper Deck X

I have mixed feelings about Upper Deck X sets.

The first times I saw cards I wanted to have! After getting a few packs I started to doubt.

I think it's not quite the thing about the X sets but about cards where the real background is replaced by a designed background.

One moment I love them.

The next moment I hide all those cards away in a box.

The first pack I got of Upper Deck X was the '08 release. I thought they only released this set this year but then I found out they repeated the treat on '09.


These are the base cards. They have an X just to make sure we don't forget the set's name.

Russel Martin is looking up to make sure he doesn't bump his head on the card top. Even m ore because he has no longer the helmet on.

The set's description on BaseballCardPedia says: "2008 Upper Deck X is a 100-card set released in September 16, 2008. Each pack contains one die-cut parallel and one XPonential insert."

So I got one extra card.

I got Jake Peavy Die-Cut. He is almost making the X like the Vitruvian Man.

Then I got an Xponential Maglio Ordoñez. These are pretty shining cards. And the border around the player looks like he is a 3D model popping out of the card.

So instead of getting an other base card I got one Yankee Stadium card.

I, as a Yankee fan, get quite happy with getting these cards as bonus on every other pack released by Upper Deck during '08.

But for all the other anti-Yankee this is really a pain there.

Next time around I got 2 packs.

They are quite space-shuttle like.

It's like watching "2001: A Space Odyssey" back in the '60s.

They look futurist. But those Comic Sans letters down there do quite the opposite.

My Die-Cut for first pack is Lance Berkman as an Astro when he used to play.

He did a pretty good job as a Yankee but it didn't make anything for his career in return.

This time around I did not get any bonus card and so here there are my 4 base cards.

Atkins already retired.

Mauer is one hell of a Catcher!

Beckett I don't like you in red or blue.

I usually don't like the standard Aces...Verlander is one of those.

And in this pack I learn that are more Xponential cards than I thought.

Here a Prince Fielder X3.

Got love it!

The back seems like having scratches but no. Is the popping out of the card that makes it. On the front we see the player almost getting into live. That's the effect on the back.

The second pack brought me 4 more base cards.

Conor Jackson which I started collecting after knowing he is the son of Mister JAG!

I've loved so much the series that when I read Jackson was the son of the actor who portrayed A.J. Chegwidden the first (and true) JAG I knew I had to collect his cards.

I think it won't be a very difficult jog because he is now playing in the minors.

Furcal is ok.

Lincecum was on of those Aces just like Verlander to me.

Last year he played out of the bullpen.

This year I don't know. But he sure returned to that hair style from '08.

Ankiel got me thinking I was seeing double.

Wasn't he a pitcher? Well he longer is.

I have to see if I have any card of him before as a pitcher before getting injured and changed to OF.

My Die-Cut for the pack was Carlos Lee. I got 2 Astros Die-Cuts. Cool.

I liked Astros just like I liked D-Backs. Not only because of the players but because of the uniforms.

So I'm a bit confused right now about what to feel about Astros returning to those old uniforms (and logo too).

The other insert card was Hideki Matsui Xponential 2 card!

Great way to end the pack with the last Yankee WS title MVP.

And I noticed that the X2 cards back are different from the X and X3.

Why the X2 cards back do not have the players photo too? The others were like a reprint of the front.

They like to confuse us.

I got all my X packs from those Repack Boxes with different packs from different years.

The first 3 packs were alright but look at this one! It is all scratchy and I feared the inside was not that good ether...

I got 2 Die-Cuts.

Braun and Milledge.

Braun is one of the All-Stars for sure but Milledge I've never heard of before.

Milledge played last year in Japan and got pretty good stats for 125 played games: hitting exactly .300 with 21 HR and 65 RBI.

Will he return to the MLB?

My base cards are two Padres and Morneau.

Adding Morneau to Mauer from an earlier pack and I got the Twins team.

But this beauty made the pack to me!

Mark Teixeira Xponential card!

Sure he is with the Braves but I like him in every team.

Even if I had to take some painkillers if he starts playing for the Red Sox.

Since it's a X card I get the reprint front on the back.

But if the cards seemed good on the previous photos my fears were right about this last pack being into war somewhere else before I got it.

You can see that the cards were damaged on one corner.

And it's not the top of the corner. It is quite a large part of the corner.

I'll have to deal with it.

Since getting these packs I had the opportunity to by one box of '08 Upper Deck X but in the last moment I backed up and bought other repack box. In which I didn't get any other X pack.

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