quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013

Being victorious - or not quite

Finally some holidays!

I'm not interested in the festivities themself. That would be other looooooong talk.

But I truly needed some days off work.

Unfortunately I couldn't bring cards with me. But with the blogoshpere I never feel away of the hobby.

And the fact that I have a lot of cards to talk about I'll manage for the week.

So today I'm showing some victorious cards. But they only have the name. Because as you might have understood by now I'm talking about 2003 Upper Deck Victory cards.

A pack that came in one of the 3 or 4 repack boxes I bought a months ago.

I've read a mix of feelings about these repack boxes. But again, since I,m starting I really don't mind getting cards like these.

I want to *know*.

By the pack I got it already that the cards had a 'gaming part'. But thanks for the rules card.

I confess that I started to read the first couple of rules and quickly left it aside.

I once collected gaming cards for the game. But a few time later I collected it by the card itself.

Can we call it maturing? Perhaps...

But lets see if I could collect this UD set in a 'mature' way.

Ryan Klesko has a gret photo! Arriving for the training session or warm up before the game bringing the Mc bag and other stuff is a 'living the baseball life' card.

Players do other things besides batting, catching, pitching, sliding...They also drive or ride the bike and bring lunch to work.

They simply are lucky to have baseball as their work.

John Smoltz has too much achievemnts to enumerate here. I was lucky to see the final time he spent in the MLB.

Alfonso Soriano. Make them wear the Yankees uniform and they always look good! But Soriano is great just by his own.

Roberto Alomar playing for the Mets is something that tears my eyes upside down. It simply does not match in anyway.

Laying it on the Line is kind of a insert set appended to end of the base set. Here featuring mister Randy Johnson.

I think I saw some player in this year Topps Series 1 that reminded me of Randy. I'll look for it.

And finally Larry Walker. I didn't know him but he seemed to be quite a player with a career BA above .300.

Walker in a parallel green card. I must go and see if there are other colours or just greens.

The photos on the front were good and would be so much better if there were no vertigo effect obscuring almost all the photo.

I thought that if they were playing cards the playing actions/stats would be on the front. But no. Those are on the back.

The true is that we have normal stats as well as game features. But what made me like the card backs better than the front are the photos. We can see all the photo without any intruding effect.

The photos being different from the front photo isa good bonus.

I highlight the Randy card back. Maybe not quite visible on the image but the photo has some refractor/holograhic thing to it!

I think all of those sub-set are that way.

The green parallel look the same as the other base cards but with the green border. But I think the parallel cards have different game actions from the normal cards.

So, all in all I liked the cards moderatly. Points against are the obscuring front photo and mainly the cardboard. It's horrible. It's so thin it is ready to bend! But I give the mighty pros to the cards back.

Would UD made the set look like the hockey version of it and it would be better. Specialy because I like a lot the said hockey sets.

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  1. Hi. I just discovered your blog. I like your writing and it's great to have different woman's perspective about our hobby.

    Especially it's cool that you are writing from...somewhere in Europe?

    Hope you visit my blog sometime:

    Maybe we can get a fun trade going.

  2. Hi there Stealing.
    Yep, I'm from somewhere..in the end of Europe for nowadays standards.

    Thanks for reading. I'm searched around the blogosphere but couldn't find other woman writing about sports cards. So I tr to fill that gap the best I can.

    A trade would be nice. Keep reading.