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2008 Upper Deck Artifacts - A Piece of History (they say...)

Some might say it's a piece of something else other than history but I like it.

So I ordered this box months ago.

I did got it right on time but I do not have much time to post right on the day I get cards. That's why I tend to start the posts this way, with some packs or boxes I got months ago.

And somehow it's a way of remember and appreciate the cards once again.

After writing this I'd probably get home and go through them again.

If the jerseys and bats were really from the store and not from the players body I understand why they could put one of those in every box.

Really I don't mind.

The cards look great just the same.

And if you are a fan of Yankees there is nothing better than getting a Yankee card in every other pack.

2008 were really a great year for that.

Upper Deck threw those cards in all of their sets.

Only seven packs. Could have been more. Or like Topps does: 7 plus 1 extra.

So lets see the base cards I got.

I like the design. The frame would be better if it would not resemble a gravestone.

But after what I saw from Topps GQ designs I cannot say that this Upper Deck try is the worst.

#74 Jimmy Rollins SS@PHI - Seems like his throwing the Upper Deck logo. The Chris Sabo spectacles style is a plus.
#100 Ryan Zimmerman 3B@WAS - I like alternative uniforms.
#145 Jeff Ridgway P@TB RC - One of those rookies that no one gets why they have a card in a set like this. Or in any kind of set for the matter.

#9 Brian McCann C@ATL - Catchers playing catchers is always a great card to have.
#31 Todd Helton 1B@COL - Comparing Helton and McCann cards side-by-side they look like one is silver and the other is gold. But I checked the checklist and the coloured parallels are numbered. That is probably the 'noise of the lights'.
#35 Gary Sheffield DH@CLE - Almost sunset card.
#132 Jonathan Albaladejo P@NYY RC - I remember him with the Yankees. He has a nice ERA for 5 games and same IPs.

#30 Troy Tulowitzki SS@COL - Rockies are doing well so far! Troy usually is one of the best in Colorado. Lets see what he can do this year.
#69 Mariano Rivera P@NYY - The Great.
#96 Alex Rios OF@TOR - I really prefer the new/old Toronto uniforms.
#146 Justin Ruggiano OF@TB RC - He goes between the minors and the majors.

#57 Delmon Young OF@MIN - Is he finished? He seems to be with Phillies now but have yet to play a game after coming out of the DL.
#61 Johan Santana P@NYM - His Perfect Game will be always in doubt for the inside/outside line...But Santana struggles to be a better pitcher but he tends to be a bit unlucky no?
#131 Ross Ohlendorf P@NYY RC - Don't know why but he has a sounding player name. If that exists...But besides pitching an Immaculate Inning nothing more to sign. I didn't even know what an Immaculate Inning. But that's one good thing that comes with this hobby is learning.

 #4 Chris Young OF@ARZ - An other Pink Card. Pink wrist bands means it's from the Breast Cancer awareness day/week. Like it.
#104 Brandon Jones OF@ATL RC - Disappeared since 2009. One hell of a smoky rookie no?

#48 Victor Martinez C@CLE
#87 Troy Glaus 3B@STL - Gone MIA since 2010.
#118 Josh Anderson OF@ATL RC -  Nice touch the broken bat. But an other player that do not play since '10.
150 Justin Maxwell OF@WAS RC - Finally a rookie that is playing! And do not look bad at all his stats.

#22 Aramis Ramirez 3B@CHC - I think Aramis goes well with both Cubs and Brewers.
#96 Alex Rios OF@TOR - An other Rios.
#108 Lance Broadway P@CWS RC - An other rookie that no one hears of since '10...
#117 Chris Seddon P@FLA RC - Wiki says he's now playing in Korea.

A good looking set with a bloody trash checklist.

Sorry but that is true.

Upper Deck would have been the best if trading the rookies for historic players and HOF players. Or they couldn't because of the licenses? Well, at least well known players for a small set (200 cards is small comparing to the usual Series 1 and 2 plus Update)would be preferable.

Will show the insert cards and the relic I got in a future post.

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