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Will Clark - Woman Perspective Post (Vintage Edition)

Here I am with more woman perspective on the field.

And in vintage mood again.

Blame the fact I'm new to this hobby and to baseball history and I'm getting to know vintage stuff.

And back then there were a couple of players quite interesting.

By the title you akready know I'm talking about Will Clark.

I have cards of him from his early years in the ML so I got to know his younger side.

1988 Topps Big #9

Look at that gentle smile. He looks like the boy next door.

Still trying to grow some beard.

But then looking at the action photo we see a sports boy. One of those that never leave the field until the last minute.

That is one good looking sporty boy!

And there is always a special thing about dirty uniforms...and tight ones too.

1988 Donruss Diamond Kings No. 21
This card is not very flattering for Will but I've seen worse! But got to say that if it was for this single card I would not pay attention to Will.

I proclaim at this very moment that the Diamond Kings series are quite the enemy for women. It scares the hell out of us and keep us away from sports cards.

1990 Upper Deck #556

What is so good about early '90s in Upper Deck is that we get almost 2 full photos of the players. And that is a great example for Mister Clark.

On the front a giggling Will.


That is giggling in my book.

Man giggling.

But giggling.

And that is what draws me to Will Clark. The fun going on. The good vibe he passes with his smile.

I think of Will like the vintage Hunter Pence.

All smiles most of the times but when he is at bat he has this serious and committed face.

Just look at the back photo. I think he was caught looking but the look on his face shows me he is up for quite the swing in the next pitch.

1986 Fleer Baseball's Best Sluggers vs. Pitchers #6

This is the rookie card of Will in my collection.

I know that the '87 cards of him are the ones regarded as his rookie cards. But this one is the one for me.

And it's from '86. A year before the ones released in '87. That's why the AVG stated in the card says it's from Minor League.

This card made me think if Will has something going on. Like a small accident or so that made him have the lip a bit turned upside down on the left.

But really. It makes me want to pat him.


Pat him.

That twisted smile makes me want to pat him.

1987 Fleer Limited Edition #8

'87 was the true rookie year for Clark in the Majors and here he is in the dugout.

The first year is always scary. He seems a bit lost.

I want to pat him again.

And those black eyes...uhhhhhh Makes his face longer!

Can I say I want to hug him?

1988 Fleer Sluggers vs. Pitchers #8
Ahhh the sophomore year.

Even the black eyes are bigger! No more longer face but a man face.

Young Clark has grown up quite nice!

Except for the spectacles. Was it fashion back in the '80s?

But in Will everything looks great.

And he seems more accustomed with all the people.

But really, where are the women? With Clark in the field the women should be the majority in the stands!

Ahhhh ok. I understand. They have all fainted already.

1989 Fleer SuperStars #8
This is the last card of Will Clark I have in my collection.

I have saved the best for last.

I don't know why, and cannot really explain why I like this card so much.

There is no smile nor a great pose to the photo.

It's simply Will Clark.

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