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Being #1

Once again I'm overwhelmed by work.

Lots of milestones in the horizon and the time doesn't stop.

And we always have to try and be #1 or else somebody else is eager to take upon our job.

And since there is always a fight to be *the* #1 lets see how many #1 cards I have and who is featured in them.

It seems I have a few. Not bad.

1991 Fleer Ultra

And I start with Barry Bonds insert card in the '91 Fleer Ultra set.

In contrast with the other common card this have a lot of text to read!

Am I complaining!? No! I like reading and knowing trivia things.

And it's an extra that the front of the card have 3 Bonds photos! But that happens in all cards in this set and in the base set.

1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier

I only have Boggs cards for the Boston times. And around this days, Boston is #1 trend around the globe for the worst reasons. Keep it going Boston.

2009 Topps Update and Highlights

Next is Ivan Rodriguez helping someone (cannot get who is he nor even the team. Help!?) who is choking with some baseball.

That or he is breaking his knees in half.

Or even other possibility..he is helping closing the fly.

2009 Topps Heritage

This is a cute #1 card.

Not only the back shows a cartoon of 'father and son' but on the front they are also facing each other.

These combos sometimes look a bit off but in this I think they got it right.

Yep. Cuteness all over the card.

2010 Upper Deck
An insert in the last Upper Deck baseball release.

I like black and white photos. But that is only true because I always knew stickers and cards in full colours.

This insert set were dedicated to DiMaggio so I was happy with any of the cards. But I got #1.

2010 Upper Deck

And an other insert set #1 card.

And this #1 card is also a die cut. Probably from hell. But a die cut.

2010 Topps Opening Day
My favourite #1 card! Ohh how I liked Prince Fielder while with Brewers. It felt real, authentic..

Nothing against Tigers but Fielder for me will always be remember as a Brewer.

2010 Topps
I tend to get a lot of insert set #1s. Way more that base set #1s.

In those old days they really looked like wearing pajamas for playing baseball.

Mathewson, I have a couple of cards of him. All commemorative or reprints. But I like it none the same.

It's good that we never forget.

2010 Topps Update Series

Maybe it's easier to get card #1 in Update sets because it's smaller.

Vladimir is always smiling. Join him with Torii Hunter and Brandon Phillips and the stadium would not be big enough to handle the 3 smiles.

And they play/played always well.

2010 Topps 206

I think T206 were the first set that I completely fall in love with no restrictions.

And the HE minis are simply gorgeous!

And I have this  infatuation for History. So its a bonus everytime a cards company decide to throw some historical cards in the middle of a sports card set.

2011 Topps Opening Day

I like D-Backs. But I must thank the baseball gods that they have a cat as mascot during the games instead of a snake.

Even if the cat need to cut the nails. Is it legal to play baseball with that long nails? He sure doesn't need a glove...

2011 Topps Opening Day

I first noticed Gonzalez because I got a relic card of him in Archives last year. And then even more after getting this OD #1 card. And even more when I noticed he tends to show up in the League Leaders cards too.

I really need to rec more Colorado games.

By the way...he seems to have just scored an home run.

2011 Topps
This card i not only the #1 in the insert set but Ryan Howard also ranks 1 in 'Most Home Runes With Team Trailing, 2006-10'.

I say this because some of the set cards show players who rank second or third.

2011 Topps

And to complement the Fielder card I already shown here is his partner for the kung-fu-dance after home runs.

I think that Braun only tried steroids because he misses Fielder that much.

The vintage uniform is a plus. Even more because Braun wearing this uniform reminds me of Paul Molitor.


2011 Bowman Platinum
I got a pack of Bowman Platinum in a repack box. I've never saw that before. But they sure look good!

Of course they only bring 3 or 4 cards which reduced the possibilities but here I got card #1. And it's Ryan Howard again. The first player here to duplicate his #1 cards.

2012 Topps
As a Yankees fan I should not like this card at all. But I'm a good fair play fan and when the others play better than us I don't have a problem.

And really, this was a huge moment in history. Somehow I'm glad it was the Yankees out there to be bitten by this great Pirates team.

2012 Topps
Ryan Braun is again card #1 for consecutive years. And in both cards he's wearing a throwback uniform.

How sweet is that!

2012 Topps Update Series
Liriano in this photo looks like the Fantastic Four Mister Fantastic. How malleable can be his arm!?

It always fascinated me how can pitchers do those things to the arm. But perhaps that's why they have a lot of elbow injuries and so.

It's a bit of a gray #1 card. Would have been better if it was one of those photos with a throwback red and white White Sox uniform!

I might have a few more #1 cards but these are the ones I already have listed.

Now I'm interested in the 'Card not Found' cards. Also known as the #404 cards.

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