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2008 Upper Deck Artifacts - A Piece of History (they say...) II

So lets see the so called hits I got in the box.

And I got a (base) numbered Timeless Moments insert card of Chipper Jones.

Since he was the main star retiring last year is just great to get his card.

The thing about this kind of cards (the same happens with Topps) is that the middle spot, right where is the '3B' looks really designed to show a bat or jersey patch.

I usually look to the numbering to see if I can spot some kind of 'algorithm' to it.

And this card is a great example.

The card number is 244 and the total number of cards available are 699.

So we have an even number to start (2xx and 6xx) and then two equal numbers (x44 and x99),

Should the card number end in two equal odd numbers and the card would be awesome!

(Yep, I'm that geek!)

And the assured hit in the box is a (base) Stadium Scene jersey patch of Jim Thome.

I know that this patch might have come from the dusting fabric from the Upper Deck offices.

But is not that that makes me grit my teeth.

Is the fact that the jersey patch is a different colour from the one in the photo.

Make it the same uniform colour in the photo and I might think it is really from the pictured uniform.

I got happy with the 'hits'. And I think I might go and spend some money on to finish the set.

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