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2013 best base cards - Just me saying

At the moment I'm writing these lines my last post about Will Clark has almost 900 views.

That is a record to me!

Specially because I started a blog just because I got pissed off about a value box I got a long time ago...

I don't know if it is normal just by writing Will Clark's name or not.

Or perhaps is really for the post itself.

Well, I think it's the first and that it's a one time thing.

Or you truly are very interested in knowing what we women think about sports cards.

But today there is no woman perspective is simply me showing my highlights for the 2013 Topps Series one base cards I got.

Some of them I already posted about but since I like them you'll see them again.

First of all I got the cover boy. But if you haven't noticed before, like me, the photo is not the same as in the pack.

The photo used on the pack not only Fielder has the bat more behind the head than up the head.

That was the first thing I noticed, if I may say, even if the main difference is really the uniform. On the base card Fielder in wearing the home uniform while on the pack he is wearing the away uniform.

And If it was for me the card would have the pack photo. I like it way better than the other!

Next is the playoffs collection.

Got at least one Yankee card. They only played well against Baltimore.

Great to get a Bumgarner card to my collection! And looking good!

The rest is history.

Now I have to highlight again here Mister Gallardo whom my have the best pitcher photo of Series 1.

Daniel Descalso is floating in the air!

After his terrific 2011 RC he gets an other great one. It's in his destiny.

Here a great example of the old dirt being better than the current dirt.

Imagine Gonzalez sliding with the '70s and '80s dirt and it would be like a dust cloud all around him!

But since we don't have it anymore...I'll be glad to get more of this.

Mister Gonzalez is heading for the Dust-is-in-the-Air binder.

With Alex Rios we get one of a kind contrast card.

Having the card design with White Sox theme colours and Rios with one of those retro uniforms being none less than bright red looks fantastic.

It's one of those cards I don't get tired looking at.

An other binder theme I finally started is the diving catch or diving for the base.

Here is great that, even almost out of the crop, we have the ball.

Photos with the players diving for a ball but without the ball in the picture is not *that* great. So this gets extra points for having the ball.

One of the players I collect. Joey Votto convinced me to let him get in the binders.

And he must be only player that do not tend to escape me on the packs. I still manage to get a Votto card in almost sets I buy packs of.

He was also the only Red I got in 22 packs.

An other player I started collecting is Miguel Montero. The only catcher for the matter.

I first noticed him because he has a dusty card too.

Montero tends to have his cards with him as a catcher and not batting.

What I found funny about this photo in particularity is the person behind him.

I don't know if you get the same impression as I do looking in person the card, but the person looks huge! It's like there is a giant behind Montero or that him is quite small, like a kid's size.

Got to love!

This is the true and only Pink Card.

This was a photo taken on mothers day or around it when they play and use pink all around because of Breast Cancer awareness day or week.

Love the fact that Castro is one of those players without any problem using a lot of pink - both wrist bands and bat. And the woman back in the stands wearing a full pink shirt makes this even more pink.

The catcher seems to be using a pink wrist band too.

So I don't care about pink parallels or so. This is being Pink!

Now all my Yankees!

Got 6 in total if not counting with Alex Rodriguez gold parallel.

I actually got 2 Jeter. For the times I don't get any.

But my favourite is the great Andy Pettitte! With the Record Chase for 250 wins.

He did a very well done job last night showing he is not finished yet.

The mythic Cubs wall. But DeJesus got the ball no matter the headache.

Everytime I look at this card I think Nieuwenhuis is making this strange gymnastic to keep the card frame straight without falling upon him.

I know an SP when I see one.

Or not.

I was searching the internet for the SPs list and it seems there are only a few called "Out of Bounds".

Are those really the only SPs out there?...

...Because I thought this was an SP but it seems it's simply a fun base card.

Dugout action rules!

And for the same example this Reddick splendid card is again a base card.

Because Reddick got the ball is not "Out of Bounds"?

I don't really mind. I simply collect without the SPs fever about it. But for organizing it better I need to know which are and which are not.

My A.J. Burnett.

"They may say I'm a dreamer" but I'll see Burnett as a very good pitcher in the end of his career!

I know he has not a nice ERA and that he tend to lose the strike zone. And not all catchers can catch Burnett game.

But still.

Correia has Portuguese ascendancy.

And for a brief lesson...If he had Spanish ascendancy his name should be Correa. In Portuguese is a bit different because we add a letter: CorreIa.

That's just like in TeIxeIra.

I got mixed feelings about this card because I don't quite know where to look: if to Moustakas or to...

Errrr...who is he? At first I thought it was Mauer but I canmot picture 'Mauer' in the back letters.

But I can picture...

Errrr...tight pants.

But again back to Moustakas!

Was he safe?

And to end here is McCann again sliding and getting some dust in the air. Again also I imagine the dust cloud.

The nowadays cards should be 'Dirt-is-in-the-Air' because there is no dust per say.

And that was all folks. I don't know if I'd be buying some more packs in the future or not. If I see some seller from my eBay sellers list selling more packs I'll give it a try maybe.

But any pack except hobby.

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