segunda-feira, 29 de abril de 2013

A home run is always a home run

Yesterday my Yankees swept the Blue Jays. So much for the money and great sounding names.

Phil Hughes pitched well and Boesch and Overbay did the rest.

So lets see if I have some cards of the trio.

2007 Topps Turkey Red RC

Great rookie card. This is an SP being the most common one. But I think I like this photo better.

2008 Upper Deck

The '08 Upper Deck had such a great photos! And I have a thing for the second year cards, were the stats line for last year is equals to ML totals.

2008 Topps Allen and Ginter's

This is my favourite Hughes card. I don't quite like the too much white in this year A&G design but Hughes make it go away.

2008 Goudey

I had to double take this card to see Hughes in there. He seems a bit Asiatic. Or perhaps is just that I cannot see the eyebrows.

2010 Topps Update

The last card I have of him is shared with David Price. Price is like an Ace in Tampa but Hughes had some dificult to impose himself in this past years. Hope this will be the season for him.

2010 Topps Update RC

Brennan Boesch had me yesterday! I think he might be one of the best acquisitions Yankees did this season.
His rookie card now has an highlight place in my collection.

2011 Topps

After a good looking RC his second year card has a tremendous photo. Glad to see him in pinestripes and hopping ot get his Yankee card.

2004 Upper Deck First Pitch
For Overbay I don't have a RC but I count this Star Rookie card as so.
Here wearing Arizona uniform but already traded to the Brewers
2009 Topps Heritage
Looking confindent in his Heritage photo. And playing for Toronto whom he helped to overcome yesterday.
I always wonder if the players that play for a bunch of teams during their major league career feel like belongging to a team in specific.

2011 Topps
My favourite Overbay card is the 2011 release.
In '11 Lyle played for 3 teams. Oh well, usually it happens when the player is old or not that good. ut his stats don't look bad and yesterday Overbay was useful and that's what the Yankees need with all the injuries in the rooster.

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  2. Thanks =)
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  3. Learning Portuguese is one of the things I want to do when I have time after I retire. And visit the Azores.