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1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 20)

An other SQ common with Jeff Kent at the middle of his Major League career with Giants.

I find it easier to identify which team a player belongs to with the background colour representing the teams colours.

Especially in this insert cards that usually don't have the teams identification so prominent as the base cards.

Everytime I look at this Angels uniform I remember the NHL Ducks old times as Mighty Ducks.

There is some Disney to it.

When a card shows the mighty-elastic arm of the pitchers I can see why they suffer so much injuries.

Tony Peña Final Tribute is a great card for me.

I noticed him because of his work as Yankees coach. Probably not one catcher to stand out that much like others but I do like him.

And here it's his ending career tribute with a team I like. The unfortunate Houston Astros.

And his card looks just like a Masked Marauders insert card.

Now, talking about Masked Marauders here's Javier Lopez, known to the wiki as Javy Lopez.

This players that start MLB career with a name and change it in the middle are a pain to find in the internet.

Frank Thomas Stick-Ums.

He seems to be ready to get hit by the ball.

Nice trivia for both cards in the checklist.

The first highlighting the fact the Griffey Jr. base card pictures him wearing #42 and the second spotting one thing that I still didn't noticed. There are two different 'persons' to tell trivia in the back of the cards.

Usually my first look at the cards is just for the photos and only when I'm processing them to add to my checklist I read the card back.

Paying attention for a detail a time makes the cards look new for more time. It seems you can identify a new thing evertime you see the card.

A Yankee!

I cannot understand why all the world that don't like Yankees get lots and lots of Yankees cards and I only get a couple!

This world is not fair enough! Blame the cards gods!

But at least when I get a Yankee card it's always a good one (or I like to think so).

This time around it's not only mister Dwight Gooden wearing the pinstripes but also a Front Row card to my collection!

The plate is a blur but it seems there's the catcher and also the umpire. But that would mean the umpire was totally wearing white!?

And where is the batter!?

And ending the pack an other Final Tribute this time to Brett Butler.

Not only he's swinging but also bunting in the back.

There are cards that are so good that I don't know in which collection put them.

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