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1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 22)

I still cannot believe it's Paul Konerko in this card.

In the front photo there is some beard but comparing to how he looks now I wouldn't say it was him!

And that sly look on the card back...hummmmmm

I don't know if John Burkett is having problems with the Sun or simply didn't like the batter he was facing.

And he looks so much younger in the card back!

I think I saw a pose just like Bragg is doing here but in some Figure Skating festival.

I think Upper Deck removed by photoshop the partner that was grabbing Bragg (nice words to put together to mix Bs and Gs...)

Someone with this name must be ready to hear funny stuff.

And the card back info even helps a bit...'best up-and-coming'...

This card is a great card to simply staring at.

And the card back even gives us a retro uniform look.

Oh my! An early Vladimir Guerrero card!

This maybe the most "rookie card" I have of Vladimir!

Chuck Knoblauch card is a beautiful sight.

You not only have him immortalized in photo jumping for a double play but you also see the opposite player ready to start the slide to the base.

Even if the opposite player, mister Matt Mieske from Milwaukee Brewers, seems to be falling.

If you zoom the Guerrero card back photo it seems that what he just signed and is giving to the fan is a baseball card!

But for Chuck Knoblauch card back, if the front wasn't enough, you can laugh out loud!

I'm thinking to make some kind of top of cards in the end of these posts just to choose the best cards.

I think I won't have to look much harder to find a true candidate to #1.

José Rosado is a one-team-man. I love those cards!

So, this pack is one of the best so far!

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