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Panini FIFA World Cup 2014 Stickers

This year is FIFA World Cup year!

This time is in Brazil.

I only collect stickers for World Cups and Euro Cups. Cannot afford more than that every other 2 years...

Every pack brings 5 stickers. The usual for Panini.

It costs 0,60€ (around 0.80$) which is a bit too much for the quantity of stickers and their size.

We start with the mascot called Futeco, the Cup, the ball...the usual shiny stickers.

It's the first time, I think, I collect a WC or a EC and the stadiums stickers are computer generated concepts or even under construction stadiums.

Starting with Group A.

The first team is, of course, Brazil.

As you can see the photos are studio photos instead of 'in the match' photos.

Again Panini could do so much more...

And not even the team photo are divided by 4 as in past years. Joining stickers are the best!

Group B

One interesting group with the regnant winner Spain.

The always winner candidate The Netherlands.

Group C

I, and all Portuguese, are still steaming for Greece winning the 2004 Euro Cup over us...

I'm always wishing for Japan to achieve a place at least in 1/8 or 1/4.

I just can't get the Tsubasa sticker ;)

Group D

I watch Uruguay matches because of Maxi Pereira. He plays for Benfica.

I don't know what went wrong between England Football association and Panini but for a couple of Cups they are photoshoped to white shirts.

Even the usual national symbol are not present. Don't tell me Topps got the exclusive of that too!?

It's a shame...

Squadra Azzurra!

Usually I root for Italy. I know they have a defensive game but they are getting better at attacking too.

Group E

I'm in trouble about Honduras. I can't get much stickers of them. They are the 'rare' team in this.

Group F

Argentina is Messi.

But is also a lot of great players.

I'm paying attention to Garay current playing for my Benfica and also Di Maria a former player of Benfica too.

Macherano is also a great player and Barcelona have to thank him a lot this season.

Group G

Do you know the saying 'It's eleven against eleven and in the end Germany wins'?

That's it...

But I like watching them playing.

And Portugal!

Almost complete! Just missing 3 players.

Today we will know the final 23 selected players to go and lets see if Panini got it right or if they were cheated a lot.

The USA team won against us the last time they were on the same group as us, back in the 2002 World Cup on Korea and Japan.

Group H

I know they are fast. Lets see if they can make more than simply run.

In the end of the album we get to see the list of teams that got to go to WC by date.

Japan was the first team and Portugal needed to go to Playoffs against Sweden and so we were one of the last ones to get the tickets.

I'd prefer these moments were stickers too.

As you can see in the bottom left of the pub pages there are Panini PRIZM cards of WC too.

But I live in the end of the world so we don't get the cards here.

Probably those countries with the info translated are the only ones to get the cards...

In the very last page the album presents us with FIFA WCs records.

Again they could turn it into stickers.

I've traded some stickers already with some work colleagues and decided to go for the blast and bought a box of packs.

It brings 50 packs with 5 stickers so that's 250 stickers.

Hope to almost finish it.

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  1. Can't wait for the WC to arrive this summer. I'll be pulling for Team USA and Japan... although they're both long shots.

    1. Like I said in the post Japan is always a 'Go Team' for me. Hope they show some good football.
      USA is always a surprise but I wouldn't be that surprised if they beat us..Even more after knowing the players that were chosen to go in the Portuguese team.