quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2014

The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm (The Netherlands) 2014 Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest is something that are under Europeans skin. You can shake it off.

The old days were better.

It was for the song... nowadays is for the light, dance, aerobic, almost-naked entertainment.

The Ex-Yugoslavia gave origin to a lot of countries and so, back then we had only one show, now we have two semi-finals and the final show. There are too many countries. And there are those that nobody understands why they always go to the finals even if they had 0 points in the previous year contest.

Portugal never got that lucky. There were a lot of reasons to never win...and that's why the best place we got was #6 back in 1996.

But none the same, there is no passing year that we don't watch the Eurovision contest.

This year, again there was lots of controversy and so. But there was a song that made it up.

The Netherlands.

The simplicity is the best. And the song is beautiful.

And even if since the first chord, from the first rhythm, from the first note I knew I've heard something like it before I liked it.

Listen to the song and tell me if it is not the rhythm as in The Police Every Breath You take song?

But who cares. It's a simple beautiful song.

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