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Card Chase - 1993 Flair Premier Edition by Fleer

And it's today I end opening packs from the Card Chase box I got so long ago!

Here goes my last pack of the box, the 1993 Flair Premier Edition.

Well, the first time I looked at the pack (if you can call it that, it's more like a mini-box) I thought this was like a mini-super-set.

When I turned the pack I saw the set were 300 cards.

That's something for what Premier stands for me. I thought Premier were not only the cards but also the players, and having 300 Premier players sounds like a bit too much.

Premier is like Selective.


The pack also stated that there were a sub set of 20 rookie cards called 'Wave of the Future'. As you can see by the following photos I got none of those.

The cards are quite hard! And they sure are quite thickness!

And They have this softness and brightness and colourness and...Yep. They look like a Premier product.

Well, at least for what I can picture for a '93 product.

The front design is simple on what writing is about. You have the Flair logo and the players name. And That font and colour makes me go bahhhhhhh.

I cannot read it easily. It's not that I don't like it's simple because it's not that easy to read handwriting type of letter in this things.

About the photo...I like the main photo but the 'ghost' one I'd pass.

If to make a design like this at least separate the photos and don't do the 'ghost' thing. Sometimes you get what seems like two players batting each others heads or punching each other faces.

No cool.

The card back has the normal statics facts and an other photo! Now that I like! Having a almost 2/3 of photo on the back is a bonus.

But again what could have been a perfect card back is spoiled by the handwriting letter again. And now, having more to read makes me go more like grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now lets see what players I got.

#47 Bret Barberie 2B@FLA - Started MLB career with Expos but is better known for being in the inaugural Florida Marlins team in '93 and he even got the first hit by a Marlin on opening day. This makes this card pretty meaningful to me!

#52 Bryan Harvey P@FLA - Also a member of the first Florida Marlins. Got a career 2.49 ERA. Not bad for a closer.

#57 Jeff Bagwell 1B@HOU - Like a superstar in Houston that saw his career shorten because of health issues. He got a very good swing photo.

#62 Steve Finley OF@HOU - In '93, he led the league in triples with 13 shots and would lead tied in '03 with 10 with Rafael Furcal. Finley ranks #89 in the 2K hits list with 2,548 hits. Ranks #131 in the 300HRs list with 304 rounds. Ranks #141 in the Leaders in SB list with 320 career total. Ranks #167 in the 1K RBIs list with 1,167 RBIs. Ranks #79 in the 1K Runs list with 1,443 scoring runs. Ranks tied in #90 for the list of players with 100 triples with 124. And finally ranks #99 with 449 doubles in the 400 doubles list. WOW! Not only for this but Finley's card is my favourite.

#69 Jim Gott P@LAD

#74 Roger McDowell P@LAD

#167 Jeff Russell P@BOS

#173 Damion Easley 3B@CA - Look at his photo. He looks like he left the diapers a few days ago.

#183 Alex Fernandez P@CWS

#203 Kirk Gibson OF@DET - This is my second favourite card. Love the photos. '93 was the year Gibson returned to Detroit where he would end his career in '95. Right now Gibson is the D-Backs manager. And I do like Arizona.

So, all-in-all I liked the Premier cards I got. Wish there were more than 10 or at least that I could have get a Yankee.

Like a Don Mattingle card...

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