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1988 Fleer - 5 packs opening

Being born in the '80's is just normal to have a curiosity about the decade.

Baseball and Baseball cards is no exception.

So here are 5 packs of '88 Fleer release.

For no reason at all it seems like I didn't get the right amount of cards.

The packs state there are 15 cards plus one sticker in every pack, but my counts says I have more cards than 5 times 15.

Dodgers and Indians stickers. Not a great thing, but than I turned the card and...

The great and only Yankee Stadium!

#31 Doug DeCinces 3B@STL
#319 Milt Thompson OF@PHI
#107 Rob Ducey OF@TOR - Rob is with a wicked smile for sure!
#205 Henry Cotto OF@NYY - My first Yankee, even if in the update release he would be with Seattle.
#162 Chuck Crim P@MIL - How they did manage to not choke with the mouth so full is transcendent. But a part from that I like this card a lot! And a stat: "Led AL in games pitched in 1988 with 70" (wiki).
#329 Brian Fisher P@PIT - A former Yankee. The trend is back.
#10 Gary Gaetti 3B@MIN - Would win a Gold Glove Award in '88. And could that man be more hairy! (I think I say that everytime I get a card of him) Besides that, this probably is a photo from the WS winning year. So That's great to me.
#261 Danny Jackson P@KC - Here with the Royals but in '88 he would play for the Reds as the update series card shows.

Sorry for the blurriness in this photo.

#123 Dave Stieb P@TOR
#35 Tom Herr 2B@STL
#356 Bruce Hurst P@BOS
#419 Shawon Dunston SS@CHC - '88 would be his first All-Star call.
#620 Eddie Williams 3B@CLE
#200 Herm Winningham OF@MTL - A round number card. Hitting the card #1 or #100 or #200 and so on is always a bingo to me.

And finally a checklist. There are a lot of Yankees for sure.

Pack 2.

The sticker brought to me with a Canada flavour.

There's no such thing nowadays.

Only Toronto left.

Wish I could see an other Canadian team joining the MLB.

Turning back the card there is no Canadian stadium. Weird. But it is the Milwaukee County Stadium home of the Brewers.

I was counting on getting the Expos Stadium but oh well...

Keeping the Canada trend I got my only insert set card.

As stated in the packs I got a card from one of the Special 'Limited Edition' sets.

Accordingly with BaseballCardPedia this 12 card set was inserted randomly in wax and cello packs.

Paul Molitor is card No. 12 of 12 but I got George Bell OF@TOR.

This cards usually bring so much info in the back that it makes my day quite a few times.

I love reading trivia and major milestones in players career.

#346 Tom Bolton P@BOS
#56 Mike Heath C/OF@DET - A catcher that also played as an outfielder? Accordingly with wiki he played every position but pitcher in his career. That is a real utility player.
#473 Oddibe McDowell OF@TEX
#86 Mike LaCoss P@SF
#282 Jay Howell P@OAK - Would win '88 WS but with Los Angeles Dodgers. I like him better with A's colours. Ahhh and he is a former Yankee.
#594 Randy Ready 2B@SD - Can you have a funnier name?
#151 Darryl Strawberry OF@NYM
#209 Rickey Henderson OF@NYY - Yes! Finally a Yankees Henderson card! And he seems to prepare to stole some base.
#327 Doug Drabek P@PIT
#306 Mike Jakson P@PHI

When turning the cards we may find the normal stats but what I liked were the day/night and home/road stats. Some pitchers have the stats for last two years instead of having just for the last year. That did confused me.

Nice touch!

#581 Mark Davis P@SD
#575 Mike Young OF@BAL
#521 Tim Leary P@LAD - I like the photo because he seems to be floating. And the game must have been at Cubs. That wall...
#275 Tony Bernazard 2B@OAK - Like the swing at his own name. Even if it would end as a foul ball.

Pack 3.

The sticker for pack 3 is exclusive to Tigers. They won their Division the previous year so they deserve.

And as expected the back of the card is the Tigers Stadium.

#432 Scott Sanderson P@CHC
#607 Brian Dorsett C@CLE - In '88 he was with the Angels and would be a Yankee in the next year.
#402 Dave LaPoint P@CWS - Also played for the Pirates in '88 and would become a Yankee in the next year. Feel the trend...
#523 Steve Sax 2B@LAD - And for the third in a row, and other future Yankee for the '89 season! I think I've never had such a streak. I wonder if this photo classifies as "bat barrel" for Nick at Dime Boxes.
#156 Chris Bosio P@MIL
#569 Bill Ripken 2B@BAL - With a normal bat inscription.
#548 Charlie Puleo P@ATL
#447 Bill Doran 2B@HOU
#390 Bill Wilkinson P@SEA - So...this is how a sunset card look like.
#48 John Tudor P@STL - During '88 was traded to the Dodgers and eventually won the WS title. That's a good trade.

#498 Darrel Miller C/OF@CA - This is my second C/OF. It seems he also played at 1B. This is also my second sunset card.
#52 Dave Bergman IF@DET - Change a bit the trend to a former Yankee...
#461 Bob Brower OF@TEX - To change again the trend to a future Yankee.
#92 Kevin Mitchell 3B@SF
#296 Curt Young P@OAK - One an A's always an A's. Even if Young increased my trend list.

Pack 4.

The sticker for this pack was quite red and white.

But the stadium was quite yellow and black. I got the home of the Pirates. The stadium should look more like a ship no?

#181 Casey Candaele 2B@MTL - During '88 Casey was traded to Houston. But that's not why I got him in highlight. Look at the position stated on the card. Yep. There was no room to write 'Second Base' so they went with '2B'. I don't know if there is an other card in the set with this nice detail. If you know about other let me know.

#437 Juan Agosto P@HOU - 'Agosto' is August in Portuguese. That's my two cents to help you learn some words in Portuguese.
#357 John Marzano C@BOS
#241 Rob Murphy P@CIN

#470 Pete Incaviglia OF@TEX - He has his own League Rule.
#81 Dave Dravecky P@SF
#486 Bill Buckner 1B@CA - Bend and don't break. And play for Royals.
#353 Rich Gedman C@BOS
#586 Andy Hawkins P@SD - Would pitch a no-hitter for my Yankees in '90.
#134 Sid Fernandez P@NYM
#219 Rick Rhoden P@NYY
#305 Keith Hughes OF@PHI
#22 Roy Smalley DH@MIN - The first DH I get. But what makes me smile is that he is stated as a DH but the photo is one of him fielding (at SS it seems). So I'm announcing that this is my favourite DH card so far!
#609 Julio Franco SS@CLE - '88 would be the first year in which Franco wins a Silver Slugger Award.

#639 NL All-Stars Keith Hernandez 1B@NYM - Dale Murphy OF@ATL
#635 AL Slugging SS Tony Fernandez SS@TOR - Cal Ripken Jr. SS@BAL - Alan Trammell SS@DET

I suppose both photos were taken during the ASG festivities. And I must say that this is the kind of group photos I like with players from different teams.

Yep, we all can be friends.

Pack 5.

I like Royals. Maybe is just the crown.

I don't like the Phillies. Less their old school logo.

But I like the Padres. Maybe is just because they tend to be always the last.

Here is the Jack Murphy Stadium.

#7 Steve Carlton P@MIN - Carlton for sure seems pretty down. Was this photo taken after a hard defeat? Or it's just because '88 is the final year in Steve MLB career? A HOFer should get a better sunset card. But I like it. Even more because it's card #7.
#600 Scott Bailes P@CLE - Card #600! That's a pretty round number!
#243 Dave Parker OF@CIN - Parker would play the '88 season with the A's mainly as DH.
#104 Juan Beniquez OF@TOR
#404 Bill Long P@CWS - I think I'm going to make a list of all the '404 Not Found' cards I have. I'm that geek.
#448 Ty Gainey OF@HOU

#232 Bo Diaz C@CIN
#109 Tony Fernandez SS@TOR - After the AL Stars card now I get the single card for Fernandez. I hit bingo!
#393 Daryl Boston OF@CWS
#444 Danny Darwin P@HOU - This is the third card, almost in a row, that has a palindrome number.
#431 Ryne Sandberg 2B@CHC - See that arm and hand and glove behind Sandberg? It makes me think this photo was taken during warm up.
#170 Juan Nieves P@MIL - One more sunset card.
#536 Kevin Coffman P@ATL
#101 Matt Williams SS@SF - Williams managed to play at least a WS for each of the 3 teams in which he played (SF, CLE and ARZ). That is awesome.
#374 Lee Guetterman P@SEA - Lee would be a Yankee in '88 season. Would eventually trade the Yankees to the Mets in '92.
#68 Jeff Robinson P@DET

And that's all I got for the '88 Fleer.

Nice and clean design cards. I like the (red and blue) lines being a bit in diagonal. Also the day/night and home/away thing on the back was enough instead of the normal stats.

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