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1991 Leaf Series 1

Usually, the USA eBay seller from whom I get many of my cards, send me a bonus pack.

This post is about one of those.

As usually in Donruss sets there is a promise of 15 cards plus some puzzle pieces in each pack.

For the 3 puzzle pieces I get the Harmon Killebrew end of first name and begin of last name.

Here is how the complete puzzle looks like:

I usually don't like that much this puzzles but I don't know why but I loved this one!

Maybe is the silver/metal touch to it.

Wish I had it complete. Would make a frame with it to put on my wall.

I got to know Killebrew and I got pretty interested in having his cards.

I did a search on eBay and it seems there are some inserts in the last couple of years with him. But he's not in the spotlight it seems.

But I did found I had a card of him. As a Washington Senators'!

UD 2008 Masterpieces #49 Harmon Killebrew
Isn't it a great looking card? It's quite a pretty good start.

Now the packs' cards.

#159 Mark Knudson P@MIL
#173 Gary Sheffield 3B@MIL - '91 would be the last year with the Brewers.
#247 Julio Machado P@MIL
#166 Jose Mesa P@BAL
#240 Bob Melvin C@BAL
#254 Gary Redus OF@PIT - Swing to the knee.
#261 Barry Bonds OF@PIT

#144 Tommy Gregg 1B/OF@ATL - Love fielding photos at the bases.
#158 Greg Olson C@ATL
#172 Tom Glavine P@ATL - My favourite card in the pack.
#209 Charlie Leibrandt P@ATL
#151 Kevin McReynolds OF@NYM - Swing to behind the back.
#165 Dwight Gooden P@NYM
#180 Frank Viola P@NYM
#202 Daryl Boston OF@NYM

I don't know if this was a trend in this set packs, but I got a pretty team alignment in the pack: 3 MIL + 2 PIT + 2 BAL + 4 ATL + 4 NYM.

A last note about the cards design.

I like silver borders. I think I might as well already said it a lot before.

But besides the silver border the kind of photo album frame in the corners gives the best touch.

Try putting it in binders and you'll see the great effect it has!

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