segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Extra Inning - Current mood: organizing

I finally decided to organize my binders.

I already had some binders for where I put some of my favourite cards.

I read many times the work many people put on organizing the binders.

I'm a girl but I'm not that organized as the chromosome XX is better known for.

But I try my best.

The photo shows one of the packs of 25 binders sleeves I bought. It cost me more than buying cards...

Simply because it's something nor that common.

As you can see by the schema on the paper here I can only get 'Calendar Bags'.

They are awesome for horizontal cards! Shame they are few...

As you can see in the photo I got a new dossier to hold my bunch of binders.

I'm reviewing all my boxes full of cards and finding out I had more cards of players I collect that I knew.

The same goes to the Dusty and Flying cards collection.

I didn't played PlayStation this weekend just because I spent it all caring about my cards.

Will continue next weekend.

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