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2013 Topps - First look

I know that I might be the last one to have the 'first look' in the new 2013 Topps flagship set.

But let me take my chance at it.

As I mentioned before I bought ten packs on eBay being all of them Hobby packs.

Not because I wanted them to be Hobby but because they were the only ones available.

The thing is that I was expecting to get something different from it.

Not a hit.

Something more like getting more inserts, some SPs or getting the 'best' players cards.

I was truly wrong.

In 10 packs perhaps 2 or 3 might be what I expected from an Hobby pack.

So...paying more and getting less cards never seemed so much of a rubbery to me than this!

I already opened the 10 packs.

In this post I'm just showing the first pack I opened, and it was one of the best.

Starting with one of the stars uh?

For the first card I get Yu Darvish.

I confess...I never cared much about the hype around him.

Second card is Lincecum.

This is a relic because of the new hair. He deserves an Update Series card just to update the hair. Not the team. The hair.

Who would tell that my third card is the second hype star of the company!

I get Mister Trout!

Sliding without dust in the air? That's a no-no.

The 'MK' I like better is Trout team mate: Mark Trumbo!

I had a thing for Trumbo since I got his RC. Sorry Trout.

You might say that after these tow cards my base set is quite complete no?

Not for me.

As you can see in the Trout photo there is an other card. Chase Utley card.

I got in the same pack the gold version of it.

Was it intended?

The only card I liked and enjoyed truly was the D-Back Heath Bell.

Got love Bell photos!

And to finalize the one single card that pissed me off like bloody hell!


Go and clean your *hands* with it.

Even if I'd be available to pay the shipment it is not allowed to register in the site for out USA/Canada.

And because I get this tremendous useful card I didn't get a true card!

The pack says '10 cards' and less if there is some insert or something.

But this 'piece of card' must not count!

Topps people!

You must listen to what Obama said the other day at USA Congress (I think - correct me if I'm wrong) about making business over the Atlantic!

USA and Europe promoting trades and economic business between each other *easily*.

Include trading cards in that please.

And keep cleaning your *hands* with the million dollar chase cards.

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