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LEGO minifigures

Inspired by Chris at Nachos Grande I decided to show my LEGO minifigures too.

I bought a long time ago two or 3 packs from Series 1. I never thought they would keep producing new series.

I really thought it was a one time and nothing more.

LEGOs must be *the* toy from my childhood.

At the time, besides Playmobil, it was boxes and boxes of it in every supermarket.

You see, my childhood were back when Portugal entered to the CEE, currently UE.

It was only at that time that we started to get stuff that other countries already had.

Yep...It wasn't so long ago you know.

But ohhh well, lets get back on track.

I'm showing some of the figures I got lately.

The other ones I just couldn't upload the photos. There is some issues with Google and uploads  nowadays.

I was shopping with my mum the other day and saw some packs of Series 7. I decided to buy two packs and have some fun.

Got the Bagpiper: “And here’s a little ditty my ol’ granddad taught me!”

He sure have this 'focus' face. But I liked him! Pretty cool with the Kilt and the bagpiper.

After that I opened the second pack hoping for the Bunny.

I got the Tennis Ace: “Wham! And there it goes!”

Again some character with 'passionate' face.

Looking at the list, I wanted the Bunny as I said and the Computer Programmer (geek!).

Shame is not a woman. But the meaning is there.

So, the next weekend I bought two more.

And yep, I got half of my wish granted.

I present you the Bunny Suit Guy: “What kind of noise does a bunny make, anyway?”

Really, what do they sound like?

Finally some figure with a smile on the face.

But the Bunny smile didn't last very long.

Make some way to the Ocean King: “Beware the wrath of the lord of the seas – and no splashing in the pool!”

He reminds me of the Disney Ariel's father.
Then again, a weekend later I saw there were Series 9 packs.

They cost me, 3.95€ each!

Hell! I went to LEGO store after buying them on other shop and found out they were selling it by 2.60€!

Shame on me to thought that the LEGO store would sell the packs pricier than any other store.

I've learned my lesson.

So on my first pack I got the Roller Derby Girl: “Can’t stop now – I’m on a roll!”

I saw it was a girl because of the lipstick. Nice touch. Even if she seems to want to scare everybody.

The rollers are not quite what I was expecting. But love the cap.

On the second pack I got the Waiter: “Good evening. May I recommend this fine green plastic bottle with a picture of grapes on it?”

Really...I'm not that impressed about Series 9 after this two figures .
To compensate that my parents presented me in the following weekend with three packs for Series 4, 7 and 8.

First Series 8 pack brought me the DJ: “You haven’t heard anything yet!”

Not my favourite from the list but not quite bad.

I specially like the headphones. And that he is smiling!

For Series 4 pack I got the Ice Skater: “Just give me music and I’ll skate to it!”

Even if she has better skates than the roller girl she is probably the least I might like.

I love Figure Skating but I'd love to have the other skater figure. The Hockey Player.

To finalize this post, heres what the Series 7 pack got me.

I present you the Daredevil: “Stunts are easy…it’s all the other stuff that takes nerves of steel!”

The hair got me from the beginning. Make a stunt and keep the hair like that. That's a real feat. That's the real deal.

I hope I soon figure out what's wrong with the upload from my phone and show you the other LEGO minifigures I got.

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