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2013 Topps - The remaining 9 packs

After some vent about how the Hobby packs are something to avoid I never looked back to my 2013 cards.

But since I got 10 more Hobby packs as a b-day present I thought I might and go and check he cards I already got.

And even if I keep the idea that Hobby packs are a waste I confirm that this year cards design are probably the best in the last decade.

I really enjoyed 2009 and 2011 designs but this year I really liked the sea turtle (credit to night owl).

This year design shows how to use white in cards without making them look too aseptic.

And after this small talk lets got to what matters. Bring the cards on!

Holt got a pretty good RC. With the uniform all dirty.

I still cannot get used to the new Marlins symbol. Too bloody rainbow to my taste.

This was my first insert. I like it! It reminds me of the '80s with all the light and glitterings. And I like Lawrie. He did a pretty good season last year. Lets see what 2013 brings.

I loved Drew in Arizona. With A's that's ok even if the green do not suit him that much. But with Red Sox?...

Werth has this aura around him. Maybe is the beard. Maybe is the 'boss' attitude. And in this photo we get it all.

So, this is one of the 3 HRs Sandoval hit in the WS. Even if you don't like the Giants you got to admire the deed.

My second insert is a mini. And aren't they cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!?

And it's Cal Ripken Jr. to make me go and like it even more.

The backs for players like Ripken Jr. are always dense! But I like the quiz at the top.

The 3rd insert, and right glued to the Ripken Jr. mini is  one The Greats card.

Here is Bob Gibson with lots of reds around him.

What caught my attention was the thickness of the card. We usually see this thickness in relic/auto cards. But I like it.

I can say by now that I got a lot of Blue Jays, Padres and D-Backs cards. They were the majority of the 10 packs.

But getting lots of Arizona cards is something that I like. And Miguel Montero is one of the players that made me like D-Backs. I have one of his cards in m Dust Is In The Air collection so I'm always hopping to get more.

But when I was paying a bit more of attention to this card I saw he 'giant' behind Montero.

Look closer. I know it's a case of perspective but that's quite fun!

Ishikawa. I really don't remember him in San Francisco.

I know some trades are made at the last minute, but I got really confused by getting this card of him with the Brewers.

The Series 1 seems more like the 'last year set' than the 'this year set'.

The well known Aceves muscular card.

Vogelsong is one of the Pitchers I like in the Giants rotation. Nice to get his card in the first packs.

And I really get a lot of pitchers cards...

Are these emerald cards to take the place of the Diamond and Cocgnac Diamond cards?

They were good if there were only cards for the A's players.

The other teams look really strange in emerald.

The road to an other WS title.

Anthony Rizzo plays like he is always posing for photos? Because he got a really nice looking photo.

And this is how I like a pitchers card! Brilliant!

Look! There is the ball spinning too!

I saw this game were Gallardo pitched and he caught my attention. But since he is in Milwaukee he does not get much in the spotlight.

This card is my favourite for all packs. And you don't have to think much about why would that be.


And even if Catchers might get it easier with plays at the home plate, here we have a Catcher getting dust in the air by sliding to a base.

The next insert is an other Chasing the Dream. This time with Matt Moore.

Nice pitcher that I hope to be one of the best in the near future.

Was just my eyes that saw the black on the letters seem like someone scrape the paint?

Is it that way or someone realy sraped my card?

My only Red is Joey Votto. Since is one of the players I collect it was single shot to bingo.

The first Yankee is Andruw Jones.

He has been a great utility player the last couple of years. I'd prefer to get a Teixeira or David Robertson but this Jones card is quite cool.

The line you see is not a scratch. It is one of the gloves laces. I don't know why but that seems pretty nice!

And this photo made me start an other field action collection. After the sudt now I have the flying collection.

My second Greateast insert card is one and only Ken Griffey Jr.

Look at all the jewelery around his neck! I still cannot understand how can they play with all that.

The first thing I thought when I saw the Brewers glove was 'PAUL MOLITOR'!

But no...Is just mister 3K Robin Yount.

According to the only way of getting a Molitor card is getting a Cut to the Chase or some relic and auto.

No cool Topps.

There are players with names that are way dificult to say than throwing a knuckle ball.

I confess I had some dificult to get to know much of the teams roster but I get to know most of the main players. But here, mister Nieuwwehuis besides having a great card means nothing to my players database.

Like I said before, I got a lot of Padres in the packs and I noticed that in all cards, or at least in almost all of them, I got a different uniform. Here is Maybin with a retro uniform. I've never saw San Diego playing with them but maybin I need to watch more Padres games.

I really liked Burnett as a Yankee but more of that I liked him as a pitcher. His last year in New York was not that good but we cannot blame only 1 player in a 40-man roster.

He did a great job last season in the first year with Pirates. Hope to see more of that from A.J.

My second and final Yankee in 10 packs (!!!) is a gold numbered Alex Rodriguez record chase for the 3K hits.

I know all the doping thing but I don't mind. This still is a great card to have!

An other mini.

They are cute.

I don't understand why Topps use the same photo for all the cards of some player. Look at Lawrie base card. Yep, it's the same photo of his Chasing the Dream card.

It seems like Topps just have the right of take one shot for the season.

Cabrera will be leading a lot of these trio cards.

The final card is an other CtD insert.

Trevor Bauer, no longer with D-Backs, is a 'nation top prospect'. Hope to see it materialize.

And that's it for my first 10 packs. Hopefully will get the next 10 packs by tomorrow or Tuesday.

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