quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Houston we have...a victory!

Really that two nights ago the Astros won 9 to 1 to my Yankees!?

This year Astros are a case study.

They change uniform.

They lose almost all players.

They change form NL to AL.

Can anyone understand Astros?

This time around the catcher Carlos Corporan did the job.

I like it when the catchers show they are more than the man behind the plate.

2 comentários:

  1. You left out:

    a)changed leagues and ended all rivalries.
    b)alienated the very popular player/manager/broadcaster Larry Dierker.
    c) and maybe worst of all they created their own broadcast network (with the Rockets of the NBA) which is not carried by the majority of Hoston area providers due to the high fees being asked by Mr. Crane.

    To be fair they did bring back former announcer Alan Ashby to broadcast the games and I don't think the 'rivalries' with the Cubs and Cards were really considered rivalries by those clubs.

  2. Those points I missed. About the rivalries is quite fun in a sad way, because I don't see the other teams seeing Houston as deserving to be mentioned in rivalry talk.

    And again yesterday they were smashed byt the Tigers! They are better than a rollercoaster.