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2008 Upper Deck Artifacts - A Piece of History (they say...) III

And to end the Artifacts box I'm showing today the insert set and some extras.

Since it was '08 every Upper Deck set had some Yankees Legacy cards. The Artifacts set was no different.

So I got the skipper Joe McCarthy. And at least I get a game info where the Yankees smashed ST Louis which is always nice.

In '32  the team finished with a record of 107-47, winning their seventh pennant. Those numbers were only possible back then...

And for the same year I got also Babe Ruth! Nice match up.

And now what I really liked: Historical Moments!

I'm that geek for history.

Geneva Summit - Ahhhh the one and only Cold War. It seems it never ended, just shifted a bit...

Personal Computer - This has to be my favourite since I'm an IT Engineer. I'm not old enough to have use one of this but I sure remember the 386 and MS-DOS

NATO Created - I've always imagined NATO as the planetary army.

Hubble Telescope - The HST had some 'eyes' problem but after the 'glasses' it paid off. It's reaching the end of his work and will be replaced by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) probably around 2018.

Panama Canal - Maneuver a big ship through the Panama Canal is only for Great Sailors.

Paul Revere - This is an American piece of history so I'm not that into it. But it seems the messenger this time wasn't to blame.

Sputnik Launched - The very first man-made object to reach Earth orbit was from URSS. How could USA let it happen?

Transcontinental Railroad - Trains have that adventure spirit surrounding. From those days when the first railroads were build to nowadays where the trains travels like bullets!

I love sports cards but this historical cards are so good I'd love to have a complete set of it. So I think I might invest and get the rest of the set from the site.

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  1. Ana that Personal Computer card is great! I remember having a Timex Sinclair 1000. Now THAT is ancient tech. I bought a 'real' computer in 1990, a Gateway 386. Had 10 MB of memory LOL. bought a 40 MB hard drive for like $400. Nowadays my microwave has a better processor.

  2. It was around '90 that I had my first computer and the great thing about it was having my first Christmas letter written on the computer!
    And now we have more technology on the pocket on the cell or mp3 player than we ever thought possible.