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Dragon Ball Trading Cards Game - Extra Inning

I finally put on binders my Dragon Ball trading cards.

They are the front binders of my new baseball binders dossier.

Yep, I like to make people think I'm that weird.

So the picture at top is the card back for the cards. That's all these cards have to offer on the back. So that's why there are sleeves with one side opaque. For cards that we don't need to see the back. But they look nice!

Here's an example of a special card. You cannot see because I took awful photos, but the card shines.

But some cards have more things shinning that others.

The above Dragon card is all shinning, and by that I mean all letters, not the picture (sadly!).

But in this Goten special card only the name letter are shinning.

And I think you can see better in this photo...

Like all trading cards' games there are cards for spells, enchantments, creatures, heroes, magic, places, powers...

What I like is that we get moments for Dragon Ball and for Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball probably was the one and only true Japanese hit in Portugal.

When the Dragon Ball aired it was more kids and youth that watched it. But then came Dragon Ball Z and Universities stopped, Companies stopped.

Every single soul stopped to watch it on TV.

Even the kids nowadays know about Dragon Ball. Even if they prefer Gormitis and stuff like that.

Here is one of my favourite cards. Simply because I like Gohan.

At first I was quite the opposite about him but then I understood him.

I was a bit sad that he no longer transform in Super Sayan and change the visual.

But he is the most powerful of the Z gang!

Here we one binder page being the bottom line of cards the shinning ones. And also the two on the top left.

For the last binder page I saved the bad guys and the gods.

Vegeta not here because he's a bad boy but not a bad guy ^_-

And to end the post a filler card. Just because it's a filler moment in the anime it does not mean it is a bad thing.

I loved the filler where Goku and Picollo (try to!) take driving lessons.

And the Sayaman is cool too. Specially if you are interested in fanfics...

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